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I have felt like I am not experiencing things on and off for some time. Its like I see whats going on but I cant feel it. I hear stuff but I dont acknowledge them. My body feels numb and although I am aware of what is going on its like im not there at all. I wouldnt say that im stood outside my body watching but that I am just not there.

It usually starts when I am really angry and I almost just stop and sit. I dont think or look. I just sit there. Looking at the tv but not watching it or even just staring at the wall. I have recently met a new partner as well and the more new experiences we have together the more I seem to be doing it. I go into robot mode. I do what needs to be done but I have no idea when to stop and if she talks to me I blank her completely.

I have had a few traumatic experiences where the bedroom is concerned and I dont know if I am depersonalising or something or if this is normal. I am really confused.

I seem to feel it coming on as I get butterflies in my chest like a panic attack is coming but instead I drift off to wherever my head is going.

I have been coping with this but its happening more and more often. It is affecting my relationship and I am worried as it doesnt seem to pass until I have slept and then I wake up depressed which can last for days.

Anyone know what this is and how to fix it?
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Stress, anxiety, and dramatic events can all cause these experiences in my opinion.  "Mental exhaustion" can lead to fatigue which defintely can make us feel like we are not ourselves.  I think this is quite common with many of us here in this community.

I believet he best way to deal with it is to confront the source of your anxiety.  Do you have access to counseling?  For me, talking it over with a professional, shed light on why I was feeling the way I was feeling and gave me the tools to confront it.  Keep us posted.
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Hi cj,

I have looked at nhs counselling but there is an 18 month wait here at the moment.
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