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Dilated eyes

I have had anxiety for over a year now. Lately I started geodon and take 3mg of klonopin a day. I also take warfarin for a blood clot I had in my lung. The past week or so my eyes have been dilated and it is scaring me. The Doc's say there is nothing wrong, but they haven't done any tests. Has anyone had this with anxiety or panic disorder or from meds. Please let me know. Thanks so much!!!!! R
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You mean dilated all the time?  Or, slow to constrict when going from dark to light?

If you just recently started on the Klonopin, that could be the culprit.  Also, what is "geodon"?  That is something I'm unfamiliar with.

If you have the dilation without any other neurological symptoms...most likely it ISN'T something to be concerned about.  Still, if it doesn't start to improve, there is no harm in going back to the doctor for some more reassurance.  Even an explanation of why it is "no big deal"...and what the doc thinks is causing it, ya know?

Good Luck!
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I have also been on Klonopin and Warfarin at the same time in the past for a clot.  If the doctor tends not to think something is wrong, then you probably are okay medically.  Anxiety can play many horrible tricks in our minds to include misperceptions of symptoms.  I agree with nurse, ask for further clarification from your doctor why it is no big deal.  Keep us posted!
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