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Does anyone else have derealization from anxiety?

Hello I am 22 . January of 2017 I had drank "dankazine" which contains 100% thc, I had the worst trip ever, I know right , weed is "helpful" to everyone lol. Anyway it felt like I was spinning 360 for two days. After that I was so thankful I felt so much better.
But then I had noticed I wasn't "normal" I feel like I'm in a dream, like I can't control the world around me, everything is so fake. It's been a year and seven months but feels like forever. I forgot what "normal" feels like. Like what does it feel like to be "normal?" I swear I'm turning crazy but I mean, ****, who cares ya know? All I want to know is what the **** do I do now.
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First of all, there's no way for you to know the percentage of THC in what you took.  After all, it's not a regulated product.  Liquid THC is an extract that can contain as much as 90% THC, but can also be more CBD oil which has much less THC -- again, no regulation of the manufacture or of the person who told you what it was.  This isn't that relevant to what you're feeling except to say it might have been as much as you thought.  Also, where on Earth did you ever hear that weed was helpful to everyone or that dankazine is weed?  Weed is a plant that grows in the ground.  This is a pharmaceutical product that isn't made using pharmaceutical standards.  So you've taken something that is much stronger than anyone ever used before in the history of the world, and so nobody knows from experience what it does.  The closest thing would be synthetic THC, and while that is used medicinally and helps some people it also has side effects that the natural plant doesn't have.  But if you look on the archives of just this forum, you will find a whole lot of people who got their first anxiety attacks while stoned.  It's the main reason most people stop using the stuff eventually -- it stops being fun.  But it's never been good for everyone and is probably harmful to young people with brains that have not yet fully developed, just as pharmaceutical products that target brain neurotransmitters can be.  So, what to do.  Don't know.  When drugs go bad, it's very hard to find anyone who knows how to put us back together again.  It happens with legal drugs too.  Time usually fixes it.  Sometimes, it isn't what you used that is causing the problem, it's the brain remembering the experience -- sort of like, though not the same as, PTSD.  I'd guess the best place to look, if you can find it, is research on the use of synthetic THC and how they deal with it when it goes bad on someone.  That's as close to this concentration of THC that I know of out there and, as it's a pharmaceutical product made in the open, not illegally underground, there might be some info out there.  It could also be this is just how you're expecting to feel much like a chronic anxiety sufferer's brain just doesn't let go of a bad experience the way others do.  Do you know any physicians who use medical marijuana in their practice?  They might have some idea of how to deal with the downsides, if anyone does.  You also might try therapy, and see if you can't talk yourself out of it in the possibility it's your brain acting like the brain of someone who is chronically anxious.  I hope this gets fixed.  Peace.
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