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Fear of high blood pressure

I had a severe panic attack and my mom took me to the ER. My bloop pressure was 141/85 (can't remember the bottom number but is was 80 something) after giving me a shot for a headache I had and a Ativan pill. I felt better. They said everything was fine and sent me home. But how do I know I'm fine. They didn't check my bp before I left. They said my cough and headache could of caused my boss to rise but I'm still worried
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Well, that spike in BP is not uncommon with a panic attack and also happens as a pain response.  The ER is great for emergencies, obviously, but it is not a place for your overall health care.  You absolutely need to go to your general doctor now.  They will check your bp to assure you it is fine and then you talk to them about your anxiety and your headaches as well as the panic attack.  Has this happened before? You may or may not be referred to a psychiatrist for anxiety but if you have panic attacks, it would be best.  Your general practitioner is probably the gate keeper (refers you) as is the case with many insurance plans.  So, start there (also can direct you to one in your area that they've worked with).  Anxiety and panic are treatable.  I will guess that the bp change was related to these other things and if you treat the other things, your bp will remain fine. But you DO need care post emergency situation at the ER.  So, call your doctor.  
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