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Has anyone had these symptoms?

I would like to know if anyone has any of these symptoms that I have. I am 22 years old, female, recently moved out of my parents house to another state. I used to get so many migraines and I was taking imitrex injections. When I moved the migraines got worse from stress and I started taking the imitrex daily, sometimes even multiple times a day. After about 3 months of this I started getting heart palpitations. They got so bad that I stopped taking my imitrex (cold turkey) on the whim that it was causing them. The palpitations started getting worse, but I had now talked myself into having a fear of imitrex (that it would kill me). One night to avoid the ER with a terrible migraine I broke down and took the imitrex shot. Within seconds the palpitations stopped, and did not pick back up again for about 3 days. That was the last time I had taken imitrex and it's been 3 full months now with no migraine medications, only Advil. Thankfully I started Cranio Sacral which reduced the migraines. 5 months ago I got my first panic attack, out of no where. I could not breath well, I felt like I was going to die, I panicked and did not know what to do. During the past 5 months since the very first panic attack I had, I have been experiencing tons of symptoms. Head sensations, feeling like my head is light, feeling unbalanced, like I'm going to pass out, tingling legs and arms and hands, head rushes, congestion, sinus pressure, eye issues, cant focus eyes, cant breath, sometimes I find myself not breathing at all, feeling anxiety, feeling angry for no reason, feeling upset and crying, cant concentrate, perception of depth is off, colors react wierd to my eyes sometimes especially in contrast, light looks weird sometimes, sharp pains in my chest, feeling like i'm not really living, foggy feeling, numbness inside of head (like in my brain), cant remember words, can't spell words, heart palpitations. The most important symptom to me right now is the head issues. I havne't driven for over 3 months and I am to scared to leave the house by myself. I won't even go into the grocery store by myself anymore. I am not scared of anything EXCEPT MY SYMPTOMS. I am so scared that they will kill me, get worse, come at the wrong time, that I am terrified to do anything. I also can't go to school right now so I am taking online classes (college). I have had an MRI about 8 months ago and was wondering if it's usesless to get anoher one beucase i have had so many tests recently like heart monitors and breathing tests and they all come back normal. I had a full blood pannel and so on. Like most people on these forums, my doctors tell me it's just anxiety. I am currently taking lorazopam which helps the panic attacks, but not the head symtoms. It's so hard for me to focus with them, I can't live a normal life anymore. I spend most of the day in the house or sleeping, the only time I go out is for doctors, therapy, and cranio massage. I am starting to get depressed because I feel like my life is completely falling apart and there is nothing me or anyone else can do about it. It makes me so sad that sometimes I spend nights just staying awake thinking about weather or not life is worth living right now. I am NOT going to kill myself, I am way to scared of dying, but I am miserable right now. Please let me know if you have had any of these symptoms. I am so worried about the imitrex. I took so much of it and I feel like my symptoms are closely related to some type of "withdrawl" from it. If anyone has ever taking imitrex, had any of these symptoms, has any suggestions on what type of doctor to see or what kind of test to get done please let me know. I am willing to try anything at this point.
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I feel you need to go back and be with your family..for your healths sake.
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I feel so bad for you. I have never taken imitrex. I very rarely get migraines. If you busy your self with something mindless for about 1/2 hour, like tv or, reading something, see if symptoms temporarily subside. If you can get your mind off it, and on to something else, and pain goes away, its anxiety. Try a xanax. If xanax works, its anxiety. Keep me posted.
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