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Having a mental breakdown can someone please help me

I have been on the same 5 depression bipolar medications for the greater portion of 20 years I have now found myself without a doctor that are better this kind of situation before can someone please help me. any help is appreciated thank you
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Hello.  So sorry you are going through a rough spot.  Being without insurance during a mental health crisis is so hard! Do you have a doctor but just no insurance currently?  That would be a situation then of letting them know your financial situation and perhaps they'd let you be a self pay to get consultation and needed scripts.  I know paying out of pocket is not ideal but because of the way my insurance is set up, we have a huge deductible anyway and until we reach an amount which we as a family have never reached, it's almost like paying out of pocket. That's WiTH insurance.  Some doctors will work with patients as well as they know its best to provide treatment.  There's also clinics. And there is the emergency room where no one is turned away.  If you are having a mental health crisis, I'd go to the ER if nothing else.  Your safety and well being are the biggest priority.  

With that said, tell me what is going on.  What is happening when you say you are having a mental breakdown?  Are you still taking your meds?
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There's really no such thing as a mental breakdown.  It's not a thing.  There are, however, worse times and better times.  You are obviously in a worse time.  We would need more info to answer your question, as you don't explain exactly what's going on.  You would only be on those medications if you have a doctor, so are you saying you have lost your doc or are you saying because stuff isn't helping you need a better doctor?  Are you seeing a psychiatrist, or a general doc?  You don't mention insurance, but is it an insurance issue?  If you can't afford insurance, there are programs for that.  Your state and local gov't should have websites that go into that.  If you have insurance that has a really high deductible, know that, for those who are able to afford insurance, that's a choice people make.  It lowers the premiums.  If you pay higher premiums, you get lower deductibles and better insurance.  If you get insurance through an employer, then what you can get depends on what the employer offers, and if you're older, you go on Medicare or a private insurance that is involved with Medicare, and that determines your deductibles.  But this is just to say, many people can afford great insurance but choose to take the risk not to get it in the gamble the lower premiums over time will compensate for the high deductibles if you need the insurance.  My advice to anyone who can afford insurance is to go for the better policy, not the lower premium, because when you need insurance the costs of medicine in the US are astronomical.  But that's an aside.  I have no co-pays or deductibles because I am double insured, once by Medicare and secondarily by my wife's policy.  But with two plans, the premiums are high.  But you know, one surgery or hospital stay and all those lower premiums amounted to zilch.  Anyway, for the poster, more detail would be necessary for any advice to be useful for you.
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