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Sexually abused at 7, only remembering now at 61 years old

My life has been full of anxiety since I was young. I can point to many events that derived from my sexual abuse as a child. I am a hyper sexual and have taken many risks yet I'm still here. I'm drawn to all types of sex, regardless of gender, age, etc. I have seen therapists for many many years but had not remembered what had happened to me when I  was so young. I have taken every drug from Paxel to Prozac all my life. I continue to have bouts of severe anxiety and depression. I want to talk to someone about that but I've not found any resource yet (I live outside the US in Asia). If anyone has any ideas of where I could go, online or by email, I will read your reply here. Thank you.
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That's a lot to deal with. I"m so sorry that this happened. Are you English speaking? I've wondered about this when I read stories like yours for those who have limited availability for mental health support, what else they can do. In the US, virtual therapy is a big thing. It's very helpful. It is through an app and you meet live with a therapist that is matched to you and can also do texting with them. They do sometimes work with US insurance but also is a cash pay system. I can't imagine why it wouldn't work to pay where you are at, work out hours that can match their time zone to yours - would require you to do some times that are not the norm for sure---  unless language barriers exist. Talk Space and Better Help are two of these companies.  Also, check what is available in Asia to this regard.

I'm so sorry for what happened to you. Trauma is such a beast and we can carry it for a long time. It impacts us greatly. https://www.verywellhealth.com/how-to-let-go-of-past-trauma-5212227  

I'm here to listen and am happy to talk.  Dealing with trauma is hard.
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