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Health anxiety

hey im 17 and im about to head to college soon  but my anxiety is killing me

if i read or hear about any disease i freak out and i think i have it if i get a headache ( i think its a stroke) if i  get stomache pain (i think its celiac ) if if i cough i think its (hearache) if anything  hapen in my body i gets anxious about it even if its normal

i remember ive gone to emergency twice cuz i had a pain in my rib i thought it was a heart attack and id all tests and the doctor told me im just anxious and didnt belive him and went tot he internet and i thought ih ad cancer

and ithought before i had arthritis and even dibates and two days ago there was a tv show about a mental illness whe nu have to charctars and i kept thinking that i have it

im anxious about any disease or mental disease or even takin meds i dont even take Tylenol cuz im scared of the side effects lol -_-

i talked to a family doctor on instagram he told me to go to therapist and he said i need medication i freaked out and i started crying and i told me my mom and she told me to block him

im rlly scared if its gonna keep go like this for the rest of my life .. im 3 months away from college and didnt sign up for anything yet cuz im scared of this anxiety

please help T___T  
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btw i tested for vitamin d it was 4.5 and vitamin b12 102

i heard thesse vitamin associated to mental health is that true ? cuz my vit d n b12 rlly low
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i did read what u quote from MC and yes after i did i felt happier

and im even anxious about depression .. i get days when i feel so sad for no reason i just cry  

u know that feelings when u around ur family and u suppose to be happy but ur sad u dont know why and u feel not alive  and u see the future so dark

but i know whats my problem

im always on my computer or my phone .. i dont  do any activities .. i have so much free time and i realized that because my anxiety got worse on vacation when i have no school and time to waste on

i spend all my day on games or my phone ..  

ill try to do some running and go morre social

but i have no motivation at all i dont know why  

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Where do you live?

Did you know that people who FEAR they are going crazy, NEVER go crazy?

Did you know that people who ARE crazy don't EVER worry about it because they have no idea they're crazy?

You are not now, nor will you ever be crazy.

You have, as I've said, and as virtually everyone on this forum will tell you,  hypochondria. When you have hypochondria, you often feel anxious. If this continues for a long enough period of time, you can become depressed.

Very often, when you get the hypochondria under control, the anxiety and depression are also under control.

Why are therapist in your country really bad? Have you actually been to one?

Since you have access to a computer, do you have access to Amazon? Can you order books online where you live? If you don't want to see a therapist in your country, you could order some self-help books. Is there a library you could go to?

Could I send you some books? Is that allowed where you live?
I'd really like to help you, but aside from giving you my OPINION of what is bothering you, there isn't much more I can do.
Have you done any research on hypochondria on the Internet? I think if you had even a basic understanding of this phobia, it would help a lot to calm you down.........you would learn FOR SURE that you're NOT going crazy.

Let me know if there is anyway I can do.
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thank u and thats rlly nice of u

im still anxious about have the multi personalities thing  and im scared that im going to be crazy

i wish i didnt lissen to the tv show that talked about this thing cuz i cant get it out of my head it make me depressed just like when i thought i had heart attack and when i  thought ihad stroke..prostate cancer .. even when the doctor till me  i dont i still belive i do but went thru them

and i want to go to therapist but therapists in my country are rlly bad like srsly its not like in America  

i just wanna get this multi charctars thing out of my head even that i know ill be anxious about another disease later

i think now i have ocd of going crazy
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I'm really glad you talked to your mom about your anxiety. Sharing our fears, getting them out in the open, listening to other people talk about their own experiences with anxiety........all of these can go a long way to help us cope. Knowing I was not alone or somehow "sick in the head" gave me the courage to get into therapy and get my life back.

I applaud your decision to stop Goggling symptom sites! For those of us with anxiety, it is probably the worst thing we can do! And for those who have phobias like yours, avoiding situations (like medical TV shows or articles with titles like "Ten Reasons You May Have Cancer And Not Know It" ) is a VERY wise decision.

But I would like you to reconsider giving up your account with us here at MH. I understand I scared the hell out of you, but I think it was just a misunderstanding. By continuing to talk, you've reached a place where you are calm and much less afraid. This site is a very good place to come to and talk with real people who understand what you're going through.......you never have to feel alone. And if we say something that scares you, TELL US!
Anyway............I just want you to know that we are always here in case you DO want to talk.
Keep talking to your mom who most definitely understands anxiety and research hypochondria. There are also self-help books on the subject.

I wish you the best and hope you find the peace you need.
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hey guys i talked to my mom about all my anxiety and i never felt better before she confessed me that if something is going to happen u cant change it and i shouldnt worry .. and she told me her story cause she had cancer and told me about her anxiety after she was diagnosed she had so much anxiety about her issue and she stopped reading (long story)

my anxiety stops every time i talk to her and express my feelings

and the last 2 comments above are rlly nice and felt relaxed after i read them .. thx im going to delete my account in medhelp and never search on google and if i see any tv show about health im going to skip it

thx for ur help and yes u scared the fk out of me rubwitch with ur first comment, but ur second made me forget the first :)
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Wow! I am REALLY sorry my post frightened you so badly. I honestly thought it would help calm you down to know what kind of anxiety you are dealing with.

I definitely agree with don't worry_behappy that you need to take some deep breaths and have a complete physical evaluation to rule out any underlying causes for your anxiety.

I am NOT a doctor nor a psychiatrist, but one needn't have those degrees to understand that you are a hypochondriac. Every single aspect of your anxiety focuses on your health. Below is a short definition of hypochondria from the Mayo Clinic......I think you'll see yourself in these words:
When you have hypochondria, you become obsessed with the idea that you have a serious or life-threatening disease that hasn't been diagnosed yet. This causes significant anxiety that goes on for months or longer, even though there's no clear medical evidence that you have a serious health problem. Hypochondria is also called hypochondriasis.

While having some anxiety about your health is normal, full-blown hypochondria is so consuming that it causes problems with work, relationships or other areas of your life. Severe hypochondria can be completely disabling.

Although hypochondria is a long-term condition, you don't have to live your life constantly worrying about your health. Treatment such as psychological counseling, medications or simply learning about hypochondria may help ease your worries.

I'm curious why your mother would tell you to "block" the family doctor who told you that you had anxiety, that you should get into therapy and that there was medication that would help you........that makes no sense to me.

You need a complete physical evaluation.
You need to get into therapy and you and the therapist will decide together if a medication would be helpful for you at this time.
If you can't, or won't do those things, at least research hypochondria. Very often simply understanding this phobia will go a long way to help you deal with it.

When I wrote these words.............."This disorder will not just go away on its own and COULD escalate into other mental health problems," I certainly was NOT implying that you would become schizophrenic or worse. I meant that if you didn't deal with the hypochondria, which is a phobia, you could develop a worse anxiety disorder called "panic disorder," or you could read about diseases that are spread by contact with other people and you'd become afraid to leave the house for fear of catching something and THAT disorder is called agoraphobia and can eventually make you a prisoner in your own home.

Let me know how you're doing and know I wish the very best for you.
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OK, so here we are. Let's try and get you moving in the direction of a plan. A plan you make yourself the with knowledge of what you're doing now is not working.  From my experience not much can be done without a thought out plan.

An idea would be to tell your parents or your care takers. Write down how you feel and when you feel the anxiety closing in on you. The one BIG regret I have in life, is that I never told anyone what I was going through most of my life. I understand how and what you feel.

You really should see a professional in this field. A neurologist or psychiatrist/psychologist. Keeping this to yourself is not good and will not move the needle when it comes to your mental health.

The good news can be that you are young and when we are young the brain develops differently in each individual. This problem may simply go away, or in any varying degree. Reach out for help son. This action will only help you get that brilliant mind thinking in a more positive direction. YOU ARE NORMAL!  I can guarantee you that many peers that you know casually suffer with similar problems as they are growing up. It's time you let loved ones know about this very controllable problem known, so you can move on with with your life. My Best Wishes to you.............ike
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for past year let me tell u my anxiety was about

months : 1-4 about heart problems 4-6 about hiv 6-7 about arthritis 7-10 about prostate cancer

10-11 about mental illnes (psycho) 11-12 im relaxed but scared that ill get anxious about something  

my sleeping was bad but now i sleep well and i keep away from thoughts

my anxiety is way way less than before but still anxious that the anxiety will stay for ever

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i mean if link me a disease symptom like brain cancer or eye cancer

ill keep checking my eye and ill freak out and think that i have the disease
until someone confess me that i dont have it then i relax

^this how im right if u didnt understand cuz what u said is way different than what i meant ..

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the heart attack and things like that were in the past

its just when i read about any disease symptoms i get  anxious that i have it

and if i have any normal pain like headache  or upsest stomach i think that i have cancer or stroke

i dont get pain

and yes when i went to the er  they got me to follow a doctor

and he  did tests and etc and he told me its just ur anxious
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Relax and take some deep breaths.   Sounds like your feel anxiety about anxiety.   Make an appointment to have a complete physical.   You don't know what exactly is causing this.   But there is medication for anxiety that can really help you.  First go find out it's not something else.   People don't normally feel this way.   When you go to the ER they do tell you to see your doctor for follow up.  What are you waiting for.  Follow up and if your doctor refers you to a therapist for further observation.....go.   Don't make yourself miserable.   You can get help and now is a good time to do it.
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omg u are scaring the hell out me right now

we dont have  a good therapists in my country they will just giveu a pill and tell u to go as much as i know

btw i was so calm cuz i talked to people who have the same issue on 7cupoftea.c om

and im so calmed and i felt way better almost out of my anxiety and then i did read ur comment and im now im in panic and im sad again
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You have a VERY intense health anxiety issue, also known as hypochondria, and your family doctor was spot on to advise you to get into therapy!

If you are not leaving for college for three months, you can make some real headway into overcoming this disorder in that time. I strongly urge you to speak to your parents about this and if need be, bring in the doctor who recommended the therapy.

This disorder will not just go away on its own and COULD escalate into other mental health problems.

If you go off to college with this issue weighing you down, you will not be able to focus on your studies and that would be a real waste.

PLEASE get the help you need. What you have is very common, especially among young people...........but the good news is that it's highly treatable.

I wish you the very best dealing with this
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oh btw i remember when i was in school i had a headache and i thought i had a heartattack so i got panic attack and went to the principle office and told him i dont feel got and i feel like im going to faint (and there was many teachers ) it was so freakin awkward

my vitamin d was 4ng i took pills for 1 month and now its 26
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