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Heart quiver/flutter causing anxiety??

My heart has been fluttering and when i am feeling my pulse when i have a flutter my pulse stops then starts once the flutter has stopped. Only lasts a second. I’m 27 male, I first felt this when I was about 20. I’m in good shape and have had ekgs, chest X-ray, and echo. All came back normal. It just scares me every time it happens! Anyone else experience this?
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This is a bit confusing, because a pulse does have beats, which mean pauses.  If this only lasts a second, well, your pulse does again have a rhythm and there are very short pauses in it.  Do you have an anxiety problem?  If you look at the archives on this forum you'll see that a ton of people have posted about heart problems but virtually none of them actually had one.  An obsessive checking of pulse or heartbeat is an anxiety symptom.  Now, that doesn't mean you don't have a heart problem.  I'm not sure the tests you've listed are the best ones for testing heart rhythms -- have you ever been asked to wear a holter as you go through your day so you get better monitoring?  A static Ekg isn't all that useful, it's more for flagging large obvious problems than it is for checking the heart -- for that you'd want to do the Ekg while working on a treadmill.  Have you done that test?  But everyone has what appear to be flutters from time to time, if you have it all the time, and it's actually a flutter and not you feeling like it is, then more testing might be in order.  I can't speak to the experience you're asking others to comment on, I'm only reflecting the large number of posts that have been on this forum over the years about anxiety sufferers who thought what they were experiencing was a heart problem when it wasn't, but as well that anxiety sufferers aren't immune from health problems and sometimes a real problem exists.  
Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention I’ve worn a Holter twice and nothing was out of the ordinary. I have not had a stress test. I do get anxiety but it appears after I have an episode.
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I think a lot of people have health anxiety related to their heart. (raising my hand).  Once they rule out heart health issues as wearing a holter monitor and a stress test should, then you can look for other reasons. Fluttering like you describe can be caused by anxiety or too much caffeine and things like that.  Here is an entire article on it that I think is a good read. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/heart-palpitations/symptoms-causes/syc-20373196  Look at the potential causes and see if there is any way this could be you.  Let me know.
Hi thanks for the reply. I tend to go into cycles. I’ll start feeling better then all of a sudden I get the episode of fluttering. The latest one I had I was able to feel my pulse. It was a beatbeat...beat...beatbeat. Feels Uncomfortable and cause me to worry about it for a few days. This also made me revisited my Holter results where I did see I had 3 PVCs in a row. The cardiologist noted it was probably NSTV. So then I started looking that up and that’s not helping me at all.
Got to calm down. Deep breaths, hold for 3 seconds exhale. Repeat. Yoga helps with anxiety.
Thanks for the comment. Trying my best to not think about it.
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It’s normal. Especially after you have worn 2 holt monitors. I had the same thing and been in and out of the hospital many times. Took stress test, worn holt monitor, ekg, cat scan, mri. All negative. I should have listen to my doctor in the beginning... he said it was stress and anxiety. Would have saved me a lot of money and time. When you wear the holt monitor and the dr sees your heart fluttering when your awake but when your asleep it doesn’t... it’s a given that it’s stress & anxiety.
That’s for the input. I’ve been trying to accept it but it is hard for me whenever I have the symptoms
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