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Hey guys just got back from the doctors.
i Had a severe panic attack there.
Doctor says im slightly depressed and put me on Xanax
anybody else here on that?
does it work? thanks
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You might want to get with a psychiatrist to learn more about dealing with panic. The X is a fast-acting thing for occasional use. But what you really want is to not have panic at all. You go to a foot doctor for your feet, so who do you see for stuff in your head?


Oh yeah, plenty of people here have what you have and take what you take. Read some journal entries for the stories, and answer a few questions -find some friends.

Glad you are here.
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JSGeare is giving you the best advice.I would also be very weary about the xanax!!It is ok for ocassional use,but if you use it daily over an extended period it will become a problem..Once you get hooked on it it will be VERY difficult to withdraw.A better option would be valium or klonopin.

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Good advice above 2.  Pills are not required to stop panic attacks.  I am reading a program which has a One Move approach to stopping panic attacks and it works like a charm....no pills.  A panic attack will never hurt you.  Your body will bring you back to normal in time.  It is a matter of trust in yourself and your body.  By the way, I was put on lithium carbonate 30 years ago.  I may never get off of it.

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This program is called The Panic Away Program by

by Barry Joseph McDonagh (Joe Barry) You can search the web if you like.  I downloaded and it cost me but it was worth it since I have leftover symptoms  from the panic attacks (I don't have them anymore - it is trust) and it was worth the money to me.

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Using only Xanax for panic attacks is like only taking Lortab for an orthopedic problem.  I've battled anxiety and depression for years, off and on, and I find that the the best way to control anxiety is with a daily antidepressant or anti-anxiety drug, plus an "emergency" drug like Xanax or Klonopin for when you feel like you're having a breakthrough attack.  Also valuable to me have been deep breathing techniques and meditation.  Being outdoors usually helps me also.  My take is that although meds help, they are not the only answer.

Hope this helps
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