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I keep repeating future events over and over in my head.

So, this started about 3-4 weeks ago. It started with me keeping track of events that were going to happen or events i had to do. example '' book a hotel '' or '' eat pizza tommorow '' It was normal and i could control it, i could stop whenever i wanted to. Then it got out of hand. Now i keep repeating stuff over and over and over again and i can't controll it. It's not anything special and it's not that i fear the future, i just keep repeating future events. I also have some kind of weird feeling in my stomach and i keep sweating. What is this and has anybody other than me experienced this? What can i do to make it better or even make it completely go away, should i seek help?

It's really irritating

Thanks in advance
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Hi. I have never met someone else with the same problem as me. I have to agree with you though. It is the most irritating thing ever...I told people about this and that I had stomach pains along with it and they thought that I just wasn't feeling well, or I was just going crazy. Mine started years ago at a a young age. I sweat all of the time too. Now when I go to a doctor they tell me that I'm fine, and I can tell that they seem annoyed with it now. I just basically go crazy over it too. I just really haven't told anyone about it for a long time also.
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It seems to be a unusual problem, but im glad that i'm not the only one with this problem!

For years! wow, how do you bare with it? i could never imagine having this problem for years.  Have you gotten any treatment? Are you diagnosed with something?   Do you have any advice?

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tell them to **** off and stop, its annoying, literally yell in louder thoughts than the annoying ones
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