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Insomnia, insomnia, insomnia...........

Is anyone else out there finding it impossible to sleep?

Any tips on how to drift of? What about meds?
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Oh, i am so sorry you can not sleep, that is the worst thing. I went through , a short period of time when i could not sleep, it was horrible!!! Have you seen a doctor about this? Reading a book would always put me to sleep, not drinking so much caffine, working hard during the day, counting backwards from a hundred, are you stressed out about anything?

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Yes, there are meds that can help you sleep.  Talk to your dr about them.  But you might want to try natural sleep remedies first.  As well as making some adjustments in your sleeping habits.  For instance, the bedroom should only be used for sleeping and sex.  Nothing else.  And make sure your room is as dark as possible when you go to sleep.  Also, don't drink any coffee, or anything with caffeine in it, after 3:00pm.  And if you don't exercise, you might want to start.  Even a brisk, 30 minute walk with the dog every night after dinner will relax you body.   Also, here are some natural remedies that you can try before resorting to prescription sleep meds.  If you are on any medication, you should ask your doctor first before taking any of the things I'm about to mention.  (I'm a nutritionist by the way)  First, there is an herb called,  Kava Kava that has been used for centuries as a mild sedative and a sleep aid.  If that doesn't work, try the herb Valerian which also helps people sleep. (I highly recommend that you read all about both of these herbs .. the studies done on them in europe and the US, and how to use them, in the book, "Miracle Cures" by Jean Carper)  When buying these herbs buy the capsules (no tablets) and make sure NO other things are added to them.  Also, these herbs must be organic (long story) so look for a company's that makes organic kava kava capsules and organic valerian.  You must never take both at the same time.  And don't ever buy a capsule that has both herbs mixed together.  Buy the kava, if it doesn't work, buy the valerian.  Take the herb orally, then go soak in a warm bath with Lavendar in it.  Lavendar has been used for centuries to help calm and relax people.  But you can't take it orally.  Buy bath salts that have lavendar in them (and ONLY lavendar) or, buy PURE lavendar oil and pour a few drops of this into your bath water.  Do this just before you jump into bed.  Just recently, I had an elderly lady with a terrible insomnia problem do this and take Kava capsules and they helped her sleep.  She couldn't sleep for years before that.  If the Kava and the Valerian doesn't work, try taking Melatonin (google this to learn about it).  All 3 of the items mentioned here (as well as the lavendar salts or oil) can be purchased at a health food store or a health food super market such as The Whole Foods Market.  I really think that one of these 3 items are going to help you.  You just have to find out which one is for you.  Of course, soaking in a warm bath with lavendar is optional.  But I recommend it.  And try to follow those other instructions I mentioned too.  Good luck!
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Valerine is natural and helped me, and I was someone that couldn't sleep even after a Stilnox Sleeping pill, also don't lie in bed stressing about not sleeping (I know it can be hard to do this) as this will always keep you awake.
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I had some prety bad insomnia, I think thats what esculated my anxiety to a extreme.

Mitch is right on not focusing and trying to hard ti get to sleep, but to be honest, Ive yet to be able to stop that feeling now when I go through it "happens once in a while, then it messes my anxiety state up for about a week"

Watch out for Kava Kava, it can actually have a stimulant effect on some, Valarian is a good choice, But I think you should try melitonin first.
This is a natural Chemical that occurs in the brain to regulate sleep, Plus its a high antioxident.
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I am on paxil for anxiety and depression and im also on ativan.  I take one 1 mg tab in the morning and two before bed.  I also sometimes take meletonin and a unisom sleeping pill just one and I sleep right through the night now.  If i get up to use the bathroom i go right back to sleep.
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I have terrible insomnia.  I can relate.  What has worked well for me is Melatonin, or unisom..the only thing is that unisom can give me some extremely vivid dreams!

Also, Praying always seems to put me in check and I end up falling asleep in the middle of my prayer sometimes..
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