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Is it normal to feel a violent heartbeat all of the sudden

I'm undiagnosed with anxiety but I'm restless a lot of the time, there's always something I'm worried about, and sometimes when I get worried I feel my heartbeats get so strong it feels like my whole body is shaking with every beat, I'm not sure if I should include my speculations with being depressed, since depression is a clinical term.. either way
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Likely you are over-analyzing your body and just think you have violent heartbeats. Very common for anxiety sufferers living with fear to imagine their body is sending signals when it isn't.
Only a doctor can diagnose if violent HB is really happening, but my total guess is likely not. fwiw.
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Why do you feel you're depressed?  Anxiety is often caused by depression, but depressed people usually know they're feeling depressed and anxious people know they're feeling irrationally nervous about things they didn't think about before.  Restlessness is an indication of boredom or heavy things on the mind, but that isn't an illness.  
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