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Is this an anxiety disorder?

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me some news that had really traumatized me, I had no idea how to take it, I believe this was the root cause as it is the last thing I remember that had a big impact on me to cause this. Whenever I was alone or felt alone, I would blurt put sentences that made no sense and would make me feel scared and or depressed, i had some control over it, as it never happened in front of anybody else, and at any point I could tell myself to snap put of it and I could, until a couple minutes later when it would come back slightly. I had originally thought people made these kinds of disorders up as drama until it happened to me. I would say things like "it was there" "I have it" "no no no" while being horrified. Always the same exact words with no context, no memories that popped up, had nothing to do with the original story with my friend, I have no idea what I was talking about. After time went by it slowly went away, or I became numb to it because I never felt a negative way when it would happen. Fast forward to the present and I'm not sure when but I started saying weird things again, with no emotion along with it, always the same things like "all I have is given, given is all I have, I have everything but nothing and nothing is what I have but given". I would be incredibly surprised if you weren't completely confused at that. It only happens when I'm alone, and it seems to happen more frequently in the same areas. Please dont bring up anything about sui... as it alerts medhelp and it's incredibly annoying, i have no issues with that whatsoever.
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