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Today while I was napping I had another nightmare that I don't much remember, but when I awoke I had a terrible bruise on my upper right arm that was clearly made by my own hand/fingers from squeezing my arm very hard.  I posted a pic of it on my profile. WTH??? Channah....not so much "Shalom" for me right now!
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Avoid sleeping on your back with face upwards towards the sky. Try to sleep in a position with extended stretched limbs with fingers open.
Unfortunately, and I don't even like to, I have to sleep on my back due to chronic pain issues with my left hip (was fractured and has 2 pins) and my right shoulder is a complete replacement. I do take pain meds and I sleep on an "egg crate" foam piece. Even though I only weigh 98 lbs. (5'4") if I end up on either side I will awaken in a great amount of pain. Sometimes it's pain in a dream but it's real. I had another very unsettling dream last night. RATS!! WTH?? There is no reason for this! I have prayed and begged Hashem (G-d) to help  and calm me. One of my good friends has told me to read Psalms. Huh?? I don't see how that will help but I'll do it anyway and try to keep an open mind. This Weds. I go to my first appt. to get medical marijuana. I hope that will help my anxiety. I'm going to ask the group here if anyone has any experience with it. Thanx so much for your reply/concern/advice! Shalom, Channah
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To be honest this sounds like a paranormal move.
It seems like you are encountering with an evil spirit. Try to apply holy water around your bed and pray.
Keep me posted, stay blessed
OK, first off, I am Jewish!!! Second; ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Very funny!!! "Paranormal"???? I am a trained scientist and that is just preposterous!!! Jews may have what we call "The Evil Eye"  but even that is ridiculous! Were you being serious? You must be Catholic? Although I DO appreciate your concern and the fact that you gave me a reply, but,........really now. There is no way I could ever believe in the "paranormal" such as the devil or such. In Judaism, there is no "devil".......only The One, and that is G-d, ("Hashem")....there are evil people, of course, but, my nightmares are just a figment of my own mind probably prompted from watching The Justice channel too much and seeing too many real life murders. I've stopped watching it for now. Thanx again,  "Mazel Tov"  and L'chaim. (Good luck and have a good life). Shalom, Channah ;-) .......Trust in G-d, everything that happens to you is from G-d and for your ultimate benefit !
I'm confused, Geminiii -- if you believe in the paranormal, you don't really believe in any religion where you sprinkle holy water -- the two don't go hand in hand.  Just sayin'.  And Channah, you do know of course that Catholics and Jews and Muslims believe in the same God, right?  We may have different rituals and other beliefs, but the God is the same one, the God of Abraham.  As for your medical marijuana, I've been talking to an old friend I've reconnected with recently who still lives in California, where of course we all did pot.  As far as I know, the "marijuana" that is used for anxiety isn't medical marijuana, it's a special breed that isn't natural and is bred to not have the THC in it much but mostly another compound.  You might want to look into that, as many anxiety sufferers got their initial problems while stoned.  It does seem to help some with PTSD, but just be wary.  They say there is a breed of THC pot that helps anxiety sufferers, but just be wary is all I'm saying, and know that there is a pharmaceutical strain I think called CBD oil that doesn't have the high levels of THC that natural pot has.  Of course, the pot you guy nowadays isn't natural, it's been so highly cross-bred it's essentially a synthetic human made plant.  The natural stuff isn't very strong comparatively speaking.
Also, and completely beside the point, some Jews do believe in a devil, sort of -- Jews are very confused about this heaven and hell thing.  And if praying cured stuff we wouldn't have medicine of any kind, and we always have had medicine of some kind.  Couldn't hurt, though.
Hey, I thought I posted something to you Channah on the nightmares -- I asked if this started when you started tapering down on the pain meds.  It could be a withdrawal symptom.  
Paxiled: I believe the nightmares are a result of watching too much "Justice channel" and I have internalized the stress and the horrible things they show! So, I quit watching it!! I have gone to bed with my ear-buds and music and it seems to have re-programmed my brain so I haven't had them the last 2 nights! Whew! I'm too empathetic and I feel other's pain! Watching shows where terrible things happen to women I must have internalized! No more "The Devil You Know" shows, etc! ;-) Shalom, Channah     Oh, it didn't start when I tapered pain meds and have found that I need them! One morning I woke up shaking in exscrutiating pain !!! Worst ever hip pain. Now I make sure to wear my "Flector" patch on my hip at night and it helps. (non-narcotic) Thanx ;-)
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