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Radiation Poisoning?

37 year old male,

I bought a night vision camera from over seas, the instructions were not in english so over a 3 day period I was trying to figure out how to operate it. I may have left the device on while charging and my body directly in front of the field of view...for perhaps an hour or so.

Soon after I remember my hands and wrists felt swollen and my throat tightened up...I took some claritin and the symptoms slowly went away altho I felt ill so I went to bed early that night. The next morning I woke up feeling fine as usual.

About 3 weeks later I started feeling ill again. I was feeling nauseated, dizzy, tingling on the skin surface. I went to the ER and they ran blood tests and everything looked normal. At the time I completely forgot about the incident with the camera so I failed to mention or ask if it could be related.

Today is 5 days since I went to the ER and I am still not feeling back to normal. Im having hard times falling to sleep because im freaking out and very concerned. I find it hard to eat cause I have no appetite. I am going to my primary physician in a couple of days...not sure if there are any test they can do for me.

Any advice/help would be extremely appreciated
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I also forgot to mention In the morning when I wake up I feel decent then by afternoon my skin feels like its sunburnt but it isn't and my eyes have become dry and sensitive to daylight.
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Hoping someone on here has a better science background than I do, but what you're dealing with here is a camera that uses infra red radiation to take pictures in low light.  They also capture the heat radiation put out by what you're taking a picture of, including a person, so we emit radiation too.  If you expose yourself on the job, say, to a constant source of this radiation it might damage you eyes, but just being in front of a camera isn't likely to be enough to do that.  That being said, you went to the ER -- I'm assuming you told them what happened.  What did they say?
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I did go to the ER but forgot to tell them about the camera because I didn't think about it. It happened 3 weeks prior to me going to the ER and I was feeling better between that period of time.
I have now had bright yellow diarrhea for the past week...please help.
Look, this probably isn't related to the camera.  But if you've had these symptoms for this long, you need to go to your regular doctor and get a thorough exam.  At the ER they just do what they need to do to make sure nothing severe is happening at that moment, but they expect you to follow up with your regular doc if the problem persists.
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