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Scared I have heart failure?

I am anorexic and I weigh 40 kegs and I’m concerned I have heart failure - I have been having shortness of breath when lying down and things like that. However I’ve been to the hospital and had a chest X-ray an ecg and the doctor said my lungs are clear so I’m not sure what this is. Please help ? Thanks.
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Oh gosh, eating disorders are so hard.  There is a forum for that here specifically, fyi.  I do think there are clear risks for being anorexic in relation to your body systems.  This doesn't mean you are going to . . you know, drop dead today or anything.  But it's something to be mindful of.  The underlying issue is anorexia, right?  What is happening to help you with that disorder?  tell me more, I want to help support you sweetie.
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Just to let you know, heart failure is when your heart stops beating.  Obviously, that's not you.  You might have covid.  But anorexia leaves you severely malnourished, and so if nothing else is found if you are currently anorexic, and you don't say how tall you are but that's not a lot of weight, that's the thing you need to pay the most attention to and fix.  
Just noting that long term eating disorders and specifically anorexia can lead to the same body system shut downs that starvation would.  They lose muscle mass including cardiac.  It can become dangerous.  So, I'm glad she is reaching out for help.
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I just thought I'd link the eating disorders forum here. https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Eating-Disorders/show/165  I hope you come back to talk to us.  hugs
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