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Scared to death

I took cipro for a UTI and i currently on buspar for anxiety. I have been off of cipro for a week but my anxiety levels are horrible due to this antibiotc. I was wondering if the cipro caused my buspar not to work right and if it will ever work right agin cause buspar helped my anieties for a long time now im in fear that it will not for me agin due to the cipro.
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I have never been of either of those drugs but I am a fellow anxiety sufferer. I have been surfing the internet for three days straight trying to find different medications for me to take as my medication started to affect me. I stopped taking it but they put me on medication that I have not taken yet because it isin the same drug family. As I said earlier I had been surfing the internet and had not heard of Buspar till the other day. I hope someone can help you. God Bless all of us who suffers as it is not a good quality of life for anyone. When it happened to me over 20 years ago nobody even heard or talked about anxiety. Now I know it is real and there are millions of us out there.  
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Call your doctor about how you are feeling, only he can say for sure what is causing you to feel this way.  Buspar has a lot of side effects as does Cipro, but with not being a doctor I can't say which one may be causing your symptoms.  Your doctor is your best resource, so give him a quick call so you can get some relief.  Take care.
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