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What can I do if my doctor doesn't listen anymore due to anxiety

I have suffered anxiety for almost 5 years.
It's been a rough ride for us, a hell of a lot of a and e trips and gp appointments and sarky attitudes from medical professionals.

I train alot, heavy weights and slight cardio, and I rely heavily on my fitness and heart health. I was having arrhythmias earlier this year and was seen by a electrophysist and had a few tests performed. All look normal except a few pvcs.

I really wanted to ask the cardiologist a few more things, in order to make my quality of life better and worry less but my gp just does not take me seriously anymore. She  believes I've had all necessary tests and do not need to speak to a cardiologist again.

Help. This is like cry wolf. I know that. But it shouldn't be this way
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My suggestion would be to look for a new doctor if you are able to. You could also try talking to her and explaining that you understand that you have had your tests come back normal, but that for your own piece of mind, you would like to ask some more questions.
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That's what I've been and done today , popped to a different doctors and asked to join there. I don't think she would listen to me anymore when it comes to heart health anyway. I used to attend a and e when I was having a serious attack and needed comfort and rest and she said she will tell the liaison worker to request I don't be seen. Silly. I'm 21. I have and wish I could do better things then attend a and e on a Friday evening for 4 hours. Thanks for your comment :-)
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I think your GP is trying to be a GP and not order too many tests, which are also stressful.  That's what GPs are, the gatekeepers of the system.  But if you already saw a cardiologist, as I think you said, you can contact the cardiologist and get a call-back by telling his office you has some questions you didn't get a chance to ask.  So if you're already seen the cardiologist, you're still his patient, and he should answer your questions without needing additional referral from your GP.  Still, I think the GP is telling you you're worrying over nothing.
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Been there, so I can relate. There comes a time when you have to accept the word from your doctor and the cardiologist that your heart is OK. I think you're at that point, especially since you're 21. Try taking the attitude that "if it's going to happen, let it happen." And it won't. Being hyper-vigilant about your heart won't change anything, it will only keep you on the anxiety spiral. Time to get off that ride and enjoy life free of needless and fruitless worry!
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Thanks guys for the replys.

I have emailed the cardiologists secretary now and asked if I can come in for a chat with him about a couple of things on my mind. Like you say, I'm still realistically his patient.

Lron, I completely agree! Today I had a break down, I tried to exercise and got a severely tight throat and was very stressed, like I usually am when I'm about to exercise. I'm fed up with it all. Shall I consider an anti depressant? I stopped them last time round due to my fear of a heart arrhythmia from them . that's why I refuse to take them
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Have you ever learned to meditate?  I can't say it got rid of my anxiety problem any, but it does help with the physiological symptoms you're having.  I'd also suggest you go ahead and continue exercising through the initial problem -- once you focus on doing your routine properly it'll probably dissipate and you'll have your workout in.
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