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What to do about pre hypertension

I just got back from the doctors office for a cough I've had for the past few days. While they were taking my vitals I noticed my blood pressure was 131/93. They said there was no signs of infection and sent me home with some cough syrup and didn't mention my bp. But now I'm freaking out about my blood pressure. My mom says it's right at the edge of the normal range but google (ik I should stop doing this) say different. I'm not the most physically active person but I've never had this before (or atleast to my knowledge other times I paid attention to it my bp was normal) I'm just scared and worried about my health all the time and i think something's wrong
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You need to stay on the thread you already have open please.  What was discussed on that thread is health anxiety which you suffer.  Please read that thread. https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Anxiety/What-are-some-ways-I-can-stop-working-about-my-heart-rate/show/3043224

That bp is slightly elevated but this often happens in situations like you were in.  At the doctor and coughing.  It's a one time reading and they aren't concerned about it.  If you are concerned, you can go for a physical.  But mostly, this is likely anxiety and that is a disorder just like high blood pressure to be treated. good luck
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Sorry about opening another thread I'll be sure to keep that in mind for the future. But I had my blood pressure checked by the nurse at my school and it was down so I'm feeling better now. Thank you for helping
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