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What's wrong with me?

Hello. For the past 4 months i've been having health issues...I will try to describe them and hopefully someone can help me.

It all started in August with tingling senstions in my feet and sweaty hands and feet. Then in a couple of weeks i sterted to have this sensation in my stomach like i'm being scared and excited at the same time, plus goosebumps from the waist down and sweaty hand and feet all together, no more tingling though. I went to the doctor, he did blood tests and said i was perfectly fine. He also said it might be stress and he suggested me to stop stressing out. Ok, i stopped stressing out, but symptoms didn't go away, they only got worse. I started to have this weird feeling in my head...it's like i have some weight or something pressing on top of my head, then a few times i've had this burning sensation as if it was on fire. Then even worse: I started to have this feeling of weakness in my neck and on the back of my head, it goes up to the top and i can literally feel my brain...if i'm standing up when it happens i feel lightheaded, i feel like i'm being pulled back and about to fall backwards, my legs get all shivery and i have to lay or sit down otherwise i feel like passing out. I still have sweaty hands and feet and goosebumps and that stomach feeling got more intense, now it's like being disgusted, scared, excited and nauseous at the same time. 3 weeks ago i went to another doctor and again my blood test didn't snow anything (which is good, but bad at the same time because i WOULD REALLY LIKE to find out what's going on).
All this scares me so much...it got to the point where i'm affraid to be in public places because i might pass out. Sometimes i get so upset i cry all day long and then at night i can't sleep because i just can't snap out of it and then my muscles start to twich randomly (which is very annying). Now i think i also have been having panic attacks, i don't know. One thing i know for sure: i feel like i'm gonna go crazy or something and i feel very scared!

I am a female, 26 yo., was perfectly fine untill this August. I don't drink, don't use drugs, i do smoke. Is there anyone out there who knows what it might be or someone who has similar symptoms? Any help would be appreciated!
Forgot to mention, for the past year or so i've been losing  A LOT of hair on my head...i don't know if this is related to all of the above or not...

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Hi, your not alone i have been going through this to and its horrible, ive had bloods scans ecg and all are normal. i have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Your mind is a powerful thing and can do alsorts to your body .
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As cheeky said, the mind is very powerful. Anxiety symptoms are made by the brain to call attention to a problem that you weren't dealing with before, which is why they change with time.
      Your physical symptoms and emotional state will affect each other, which makes Anxiety disorders hard to diagnose. You might not like this, but you should go back to your doctor and tell him or her that you suspect that you're having panic attacks, and ask for a referral to a mental health specialist. A trained psychiatrist or psychologist will be better able to diagnose any problems you are having.
         One of the most frustrating parts of anxiety is that once you have symptoms, you tend to focus on them, and this creates stress, which makes the symptoms worse. It's an ugly cycle.  You must take comfort in that your doctor has ruled out major disease as a problem in your symptoms. This does suggest that anxiety is more likely part of the problem.
     There are a few things that you can do to help, and they will work relatively quickly. Quitting smoking for one- sorry, but nicotine is a powerful drug, and your body's sensitivity to it means that some people just don't respond well to nicotine in their body. Exercise is another one- even a daily walk, if that's all you're willing to do. Exercise makes your body dump neurohormones into your blood stream which will actually help you to relax at appropriate times, which is an important part of keeping a rational mental state.
Above all, read on in this forum- there is a lot to learn!
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I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, mind is a powerful thing, some people say you can get rid of any illness by just learning how to control your mind. Easier said than done.
Take care.
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I totally agree with both of the comments. The mind is a very very powerful thing. I myself have PTSD and Chronic Anxiety Disorder. I can tell you now (not back then), find a good Pshyciatrist. Get the anxiety under control. There are also things like Mindful Thinking, Cognitive Behavioral Thearapy,Counseling etc. you could try. If you do get dianosed with anxiety disorder (I am pretty sure what they would put you on), remember what works for one person may not work for another, saying that, there are natural vitamins,herbs you can try.  Have you ever been tested for vitamin defeciantcies?

Has maybe something changed recently in your life? Could there maybe be some unresolved emotional issues?

I hate you are having so many horrible symtoms (I can relate), maybe if you could talk to someone about anxiety first? See if that helps.

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Thank you for your answer, benthic_man.
You are right i do suspect panic attacks and i do suspect i might need a psychiatrist...i do not really want to admit it to myself or anyone else. I have this phobia about psychiatrists, that if i really go to one everyone will think right away that i have mental problems (that is very scary to me).
Also i've been thinking, what if i have a brain tumor? since a lot of sensations i have are in my head and brain area...it horrifies me and i'm sure at contributes to panic and anxiety.

I went to my doctor again today and he reffered me to a neurologist, i'm gonna go tomorrow and see what happens.

It definitely frustrates me that now i can't even think about anything without freaking out!

Also i have a question: is it really possible to really go crazy having anxiety?

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dragonfly1026, thank you for your answer.
First of all, i'm very sorry to hear about PTSD and Chronic Anxiety Disorder.
I know i need to get it under control. It ruins my life!
I've been reading some articles online, and people say its completely reversible and once you have the right treatment it can actually go away and never come back...is it true? Also these meds they could put you on...those are some serious meds with some horrible side effects. What if i get dependent? Thast's another thing that scares me.

You said i could try herbs...i'm taking Valerian Root it suppose to calm me down and help to sleep at night. It does work but not all the time.
I have been tested for vitamin and iron defeciantcies, for hormonal levels, thyroid function levels and glucose levels...doctor said it all was normal.

To answer your question: nothing really changed in my life recently. I do have problems and worries (like veryone else these days), but nothing out of ordinary, except that now i have to also worry more about my health and trying to figure out everything.

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anxiety can come out of blue. You don't need to have something drastic to happen. I have GAD and take Zoloft for it and Ativan as needed. PLease do not be afraid to get help.There are many people out there that have anxiety issues.
First step is to find a good phyciatrist. Good luck and let us know how you do:)
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