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Why do i feel like my life isnt real or is a game

why do i feel like my life isn't real or a game ive been feeling like this for about a year i started getting depressed 2 years ago and since then i barely go out my house and a year ago i started getting a numbness in my head and whole body and i am always light headed and everything just doesnt feel real and it feels like my mind and body and separated i cant explain it but i dont know whats going on im 14 this might be because ive had bad depression and anxiety for the past 2 years or something idk i just want to see if this is normal please help
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this might be because my life has consisted of playing games eating and sleeping for the past year and for instance when im riding my bike on the occasion i do go out it feels like i zone out then realise im riding a bike thats what i mean by my body and mind feel separated
The last part is pretty common -- it's actually one of the benefits of those who do things that bring them peacefulness.  Runners experience this.  Long bike rides are like this.  Long hikes are like this -- your mind relaxes as you fall into the routine of movement and you start to think.  Thinking is what makes humans human, so the key is, what are you thinking, not the fact you are thinking.  It's always more fun to think creative thoughts or philosophical thoughts or funny thoughts than to think sad or lonely thoughts.  So that part is pretty natural in life.  The depression and anxiety, what are you doing about that?  Are you in therapy for it?  As for some of your physiological symptoms, have you seen a doctor?  And I mean a good doctor?  These kinds of things can be caused by all sorts of things, for example not eating sufficient nutrients or having blood sugar problems or other things that can go awry.  These kinds of things also cause anxious and depressed thinking, so the first step is to make sure you're healthy.  If you are then it's time to work on the anxiety and depression and figure out why you've fallen into this kind of thinking.  But zoning out, that's just life.  It's often where our most productive thinking takes place.  When you learn to drive, sometimes on a long drive you realize you've been thinking for miles and miles and can't remember paying any attention to the road, but you were, you were driving fine, it's just life.  That part is normal.
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The light headedness or numbness could be caused by anxiety which can cause mild hyperventilation that could make you feel dizzy numb or zoned out. I believe you should talk to a dr about your symptoms. No need going in and in. It feeling we’ll orcas if something is not quite right.
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Ive had feelings like that alot lately. I cant explain it either. Its very scary. Try to do things that are safe and remind you of whats real, and try talking to some friends about things on your mind.  I know its hard in the crazy lives we live. I find myself feeling like a work zombie so often these days it has me tripping about whats real and whats not. I hope you can find peace.  Best of luck to you! I know its scary.
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