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hi I am 24 years old I have been diagnosed with anxiety and panic the doctor gave me medication sertline nd clonazepam.i feel like I cant breah and dizzy all the time I feel like no one in my family understands me I feel that I am on my own sometimes I feel like is it just me am I just making it up :(
is this anxiety
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if your doctor placed you on anxiety medications, then you have anxiety. try not to let it bother you that others do not understand, family members included. mine still to this day do not understand.
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i just feel breathles all the time i have two children i am trying my best for them :(
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Hi there and welcome to med help.  I'm so sorry you are feeling this way.  Sounds very distressing.  You've just been put on the medication sertraline or zoloft.  It does take up to 6 to 8 weeks to work.  The other medication was added for panic?  Again, let these medications get into your system to do their job.  Do you have any breathing exercises that you do?  Here is one to try called sqare breathing.  Breath in for 4, hold 4, breath out for 4, hold 4, repeat.  Can you get out and exercise at all?  this also helps regulate our system a bit.  Journal what is happening----  look for any pattern of triggers.  

I know you feel alone but you aren't.  So many suffer anxiety.  Sometimes our family just wants us to be 'well' and become impatient.  And as they can't 'see' the issue like they can another type of illness like a runny nose or something, they push us.  They don't mean to do it.  

Hang in there and give the meds an opportunity to work.  Also, if you can do talk therapy, that would be fantastic!  peace and luck dear
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thank you for your support just i cant get my deep breath the whole time it stresses me and i am taking the medication only been a week just have t wait i had an attack last night never been so scared in my whole life xxx
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Specialmom gave you great advice. It does take awhile for both of these meds to build up in your system. The Klonopin should start working pretty soon.It can take around a week for some people.What dose are you on? Are you taking it as prescribed?
Breathing problems are very common in people with anxiety. Tell yourself this is the reason it's happening and it will get better soon. I do understand how scary and frustrating it is. Try the breathing exercises that Speacialmom told you about. It should help.
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thankyou i teke 50m clonezapam only take when i have an atack sertaline is the one i take dailyx
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Did your Dr prescribe the anti anxiety med to be taken as needed, or 2 to 3 times a day? Some of the anxiety meds need to be taken every day to build up in your system and they will not work if you take them only on an as needed basis.
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