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hi, i've had this constant feeling of unreality for over 2 months now. it's really screwed my mind up. I don't even feel human which is scaring me to to death. I've been taking citalopram for 5 weeks now but nothings improved. is this normal for anxiety to get this bad?
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my doc reckons that these will take effect in the next couple of weeks  so just holding onto that thought! thanks for the replys. I live in hope!
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Im afraid anxiety can get that bad yes I wish it wasnt so and feel bad for you.
It could be that this med is just not the right one for you,you dont see any improvement?Sometimes you have to try several meds to find what works for you.lily
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I am currently coming out of a period of that, its a vicious cycle for sure. I helped myself out by using the "simply notice" and trusting that the times I could ground would get longer and longer. By simply noticing and naming thoughts and feelings. Worrying, story telling, fortune telling (believing I could know what would happen ie stroke, passing out, etc) mentally marking the thoughts that were not based on "what is" by noticing, I was grounding myself or personalizing the situation. If I was watching tv I would completely focus on one thing, a persons hands, a building, etc and really really look, or outside at one thing, a tree or animal etc and ground. I am sure you can google grounding techniques and practice them over and over. I didn't realize until now when i am writing this how much less I am experiencing that feeling now.  On that base, I would guess it took about 2 months from all day every day to random moments.
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Sorry to say but yes! Anxiety can present with any number of symptoms and can be severe.

5 weeks should be ample time for the drug to start working so I would suggest you returning to see your doctor and he\she may increase the dose.  I know they usually start on 10mg and can increase it according to patient response.

Hope this has helped some.

Good luck
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