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is there a name for this?, whats going on :(

Hiya guys, i'm back here with another question, there's been so much help from here.

Yesterday at about 9pm my time (GMT 0 UK ) me and my partner both got a pizza in, happily ate it away and kept leftovers in the fridge, nothing wrong with that.

I couldnt sleep last night, it got very late and i was still up by 5am this morning, and i took out the leftover pizza and decided to have a snack....i think i shouldn't of eaten it or warmed it up before i had it. Not long after eating it my stomach played like crazy, it kept gurgling i had excessive wind and i headed for the bathroom. To refrain from too much information after doing my business which i swear was Diarrhea  i sat there suddenly cold all over, i felt giddy and on the edge of what i thought was an incoming panic attack, i tried to calm down, get myself together and go to bed. I've been awake not long after sleeping and i feel quite sick....i've gone dizzy, i'm either feeling the cold from outside easily or am cold on the inside i cant tell!, i'm feeling weak down my arms and legs, my breathing is tight and my stomach has light aching and turbulence. i'm really confused and panicing..i cant work out whats happened and i cant get to the doctors at the moment :(
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Food poisong usually takes a good 6 hours to present itself.  Really bad food poisoing would have landed you at the ER...been there...done that...with pizza no less. However, I only had to take 1 bite of the pizza to know it was bad.

I agree with Mammo, you more than likely have a slight stomach virus that you then developed anxiety over.  So for sure, do some breathing to calm yourself down.  No worries about your health.  
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I really, really dont wanna phone an out of hours for a dcotor :(
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Maybe food poisening? it should go away soon if it is...try not to freak yourself out...it very well could be nothing but anxiety.  Try and get your mind off things by reading a book or watching a movie or going on a run or something to get your mind off focusing on every little symptom you have.  When you get anxiety, your mind tends to really exaggerate symptoms to make them feel liek the end of the world when actually they arent, and its your mind playing tricks on you.  
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Since you have chills I'm inclined to think you may be getting a stomach virus.  There is no harm in eating cold pizza.  Drink plenty of liquids and don't worry, chills are always a symptom of of bug, you're going to be fine.  Relax and take care.
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Thanks for the responses guys, i did check in with my doctor yesterday, and they re-assured me that there wasnt anything serious going on, and i highly think i've caught some sort of stomach bug, it just unerved me thats all...i thought "hang on a minute?!, panic attack on the toiilet? what the hell?", as much as it sounds stupid i thought i was going to keel over and pass out or die right there and then, i know that sounds stupid believe me but atm its the kinda mindset i'm stuck in.

My stomach seems to be less problematic now, although now i feel nervous going when nature calls i'm afraid to push too hard.....

Bloody anxiety why oh why does it make you stress over such silly things!

Again, thanks for leaving replys, its been an emberassing trip with this one!

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I think it is safe to say that this is one place that nobody should ever feel embarassed.  So don't let it stop you from posting what you are feeling or going through.  I think just by the shear number of people on here with anxiety, we have all the bases covered!  :o)
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