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Allergic to Whole Thyroid?

I converted to whole thyroid from Levothroxine about 6 months ago and seem to have developed an allergic reaction.
I am hoarse and often have phelm in my throat. I find that I have to clear my throat consistently. I am also losing weight and often have a sickly feeling in my stomach. I also burp very often and often have loose stools. I also wheeze a bit

I have been checked for reflux and everything else but the Doctors have not found anything. I don't eat Pork or any Porcine products.

How can I be tested for a possible allergy to the whole thyroid.?


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Hi Peter.
You can do on your own Dr. Coca`s Pulse test. Free download.
This will indicate reactivity (allergies, intolerance, sensitivity)
to anything ingested, even delayed reactivity that does not get linked
to the substance normally.
It takes a week to complete.

If it`s Armour, their formulation has changed and they added cellulose, to which many people are reacting negatively. Also the source has to be verified as safe, as there have been quality issues, since the shortages started a couple years ago and they haven`t been properly addressed yet!

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Hi Niko,

Thanks so much. I will give it a try.
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Not sure what your pill looks like - but I have surmised that I am allergic to yellow dye # 5 - it is in my thyroid medication (and almost everything else)  - but it doesn't seem to apply to you or you old have reacted to something else by now...is there a protective shell or coloring to your pills?
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