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Autoimmune w/o antibodies? Enlarged thymus?

Hi All,

I need help.

I've been recently diagnosed with the following: adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, pancreatitis, food allergies, anemia (don't know if it's pernicious or iron-deficiency), possible hypoparathyroidism, and some other stuff.

I have an enlarged thymus. I've tested negative for antibodies to adrenals, thyroid, and gluten. I know some people don't have antibodies for one thing or another, but is it really possible to have no antibodies to ANYTHING, when your doctors suspect ALL of your problems to be autoimmune? Should I be worried that there's something else going on here?

I have an identical twin sister who does not have any of these problems, as far as we know. My mom and all of her siblings have confirmed Hashimoto's. I have a first cousin with Primary Immunodeficiency, so he has no antibodies to anything, including vaccine titers. I have another first cousin on the same side of the family who has Type 1 Diabetes, but his identical twin brother does not.

Is it o.k. to leave in an enlarged thymus, or will it continue to precipitate the development of more autoimmune diseases?

Thank you!
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