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Why would someone with scleroderma be told to have multiple teeth pulled??

My SIL had scleroderma which she manages very well.  On her recent dentist visit, the dentist took xrays and told her she needed 8 teeth pulled, which was quite a shock because she has had NO problems or pain with her teeth at all.  Why would her dentist have told her this as she has no pain or problems?  She is a widow and doesn't really know how to ask questions about the "whys" so I am very concerned.  The first step for her was to visit a specialist who prepared her (with a TWO HOUR appointment of drilling and digging, which has left a hole in her crown for over a month!) to save one tooth so her own dentist could "lengthen" her crown.  What could possibly be going on here?  I am considering taking a drive to question her dentist at her next appointment!
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If something isn't broken, don't mess with it!!
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I think so, too.  She had 8 (I think?) bottom ones pulled and now says she will not do the top ones anytime soon.  She is NOT a happy camper.  Don't think she got a second opinion.  So very sad.
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If thats the case she'd be better off getting them all pulled and get dentures IMO.
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Ask for a copy of the X-rays and get a second opinion.
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