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I have Heat induced pins and needles but no other major symptoms

About Me: Male, 32, Schenectady, NY, member since Jan 2016
I am nearly 33yo and have been struggling with waves of painful pins and needles that erupt from head to toe.This has been happening  with increasing frequency and intensity for almost 2 years. I have learned that heat is often the trigger, weather external or internal. ei. Taking the clothes out of the dryer, excessive, to many blankets, even a stressful event. If I can cool off it seems to subside rather quickly. I had a clean MRI a year ago although my symptoms have doubled since Checked for Lyme, and lots and lots of blood test. The Neuro seems to be interested but little. I feel as opposed to admitting he doesn't know he is leaning toward anxiety... But with heat as a trigger?  I'm struggling and don't want to be like that token person we all know that sings the woes ....Help
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