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I need help

Rewind to 6 months ago, I was an avid exercise enthusiast. I was a straight A Nutrition student. I thought I was untouchable.
I was prodded by my dentist to  get my wisdom teeth out, which may or may not be significant. I had a really bad feeling about the procedure, and i should have listened. It was HORRIBLE. I did not take to the anesthesia. He was seriously hurting me, I had blood pouring out the side of my mouth. Needless to say, It was very traumatic. The weeks that followed brought incredible stomach problems and multiple infections in my mouth. I went to a new dentist and had all the infection cleaned out. This new dentist also found through an x-ray, a big shard of metal that was left in the extraction site. He told me it was a drill bit that had likely broken off. (great!)
So he fixed my mouth, great, but that left my stomach that was seriously messed up. It was swollen, so swollen after eating ANYTHING.
I found other people saying the same thing had happened to them. That it was a yeast infection from wiping out all my good bacteria, yada. Ok, so I began a candida elimination diet and took every antifungal supplement known to man. I began to feel incredibly tired all the time. I got to where I wasnt getting out of bed. I started getting nausea and weight loss. Fast forward past months of stomach illness. I finally got a doctor to agree that it could possibly be candida, so he prescribed me Diflucan. LOTS of it. I took Diflucan for about 6 weeks when suddenly my symptoms started progressing like wildfire. I went from just having nausea, bloating, weight loss and fatigue to extreme stomach pain, and the scariest-passing out. I would get this feeling that fell over me in a wave leaving me so weak i felt like I couldn't walk. I got vertigo, shooting nerve pain, and constant leg muscle pain. I checked myself into the ER, they immediately admitted me after blood work showed my Eosinophils (white blood cells) being at 28%. They did every test imaginable and found that my gallbladder was no longer functioning, so AH HAH i thought, I didn't have candida, i had a bad gallbladder. This will fix everything. They took it out, took me off diflucan and I waited patiently.
I didn't get better. Stomach is slightly better, but all the nerve sensations are worse. I get these "attacks" constantly that wave over me, leaving my heart racing, numbness, inability to swallow, chest pain, weakness, and pressure behind my eyes. My legs never stop hurting. I cant go back to the gym still, my muscle just continues to fall off. I have lost 15 lbs.
I have been back to the ER twice with the attacks, and now  I am being seen by the Mayo clinic.
They have found my ANA's are elevated. My eosinophils are still elevated. They have been elevated for 6 weeks. My cortisol is very low, but I don't have adrenal insufficiency. I have had the cort stim test two times. My thyroid has also been tested. I was scared I would have a muscular autoimmune but my aldolase and CK levels come back normal every time.
I have not had a menstrual cycle since all of this began 6 months ago. I have a very low libido.

I read about people having reactions to their breast implants. I have had silicone implants for 4 years. My husband also has recently been diagnosed with genital herpes, but I have never had genital symptoms or been tested so far that I know.
Do i have an autoimmune disease? Can anyone relate?
Does anyone have extreme leg pain all the time... SIGH.
Thank you
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Candida is really hard to eliminate.
Try coconut oil-extra virgin,organic- about 4-6 T daily in cooking ,drizzle over veggies (liquefies above 23 celsius) or straight
. Start with 2T and slowly increase. Just spread it out throughout the day, since you had your gallbladder removed. You may also want to look into a mulit-enzyme formula as a supplement and immune support-not just digestive.
Enzymes are one of the primary defensive agents against many pathogens.

Diflucan has too many possible adverse effects and does not target as many strains of candida as coconut oil.

You need to stay on a sugar-free low carb diet for a long time.
I'm sure you know the drill by now.

It sounds that you may have an undiagnosed low grade infectious condition, likely stemming from your dental issues.
I suggest you also do oil pulling every morning with coconut oil.
Just look it up.

Another area of great concern is adrenal fatigue and in light of your low cortisol levels it might have progressed to possibly stage 3.
Please do not wait for an adrenal crisis which is the only level recognized by conventional endocrinology!!!
Consider to find a Functional medicine Doctor who has training in
Holistic Endocrinology to dx and treat you properly ASAP!

If you want I can send you an Adrenal Assessment Questionnaire, however, from what you have posted, everything points toward AF!

If you have any questions,please post again or message me directly,
but please note that my comments are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Best wishes!

The breast implants should be also checked. It could be another under-looked factor that just adds to your viral/bacterial/toxic/fungal/adrenal load

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Thank you so much for your help.

Your first sentence is seriously my worst nightmare. I am pretty much convinced that if I have candida it is HOPELESS. I followed that no-carb, no sugar diet for 3 months while literally taking every anti fungal oil and supplement on the market. I mean literally everything. coconut oil, garlic, diflucan, cloves, black walnut, oil of oregano, olive leaf, grape fruit seed extract.. I even had two colonics where they irrigate your colon with water, I seriously don't know what I would do if I still had that.
When they told me I had high eosinophils (which can indicate a fungal infection) I wanted to curl up in a ball in cry. But I have yet to have any doctor tell me that is what is wrong with me. My husband and I both agreed that I would not torture myself anymore until I had someone tell me I had candida, ya know?

Now the adrenal fatigue, I can handle that, but is that real? I mean my cortisol levels stay at the very edge of normal every time they are tested, you would think if this were the problem a doctor would have pinpointed it by now?
I will begin oil pulling tomorrow, I have done it in the past.

I really deeply appreciate your response, unfortunately you are confirming what I already suspected but didn't want to believe.

Why is it I have two suspected disorders (candida and AF) and NEITHER are treated or recognized by traditional medicine.
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The issue with low cortisol is that you lack the ability to fight off pathogens
(see ref. below)
as cortisol is a vital component of your immune system and in the case of adrenal fatigue, low cortisol indicates stage 3, which is a very serious situation, as recovery from it is extremely challenging.
In stage 3B the patient is bed-ridden for the better part of  the day, unable to function normally.
I'm not surprised at all that you cannot eliminate Candida.
You will need to treat adrenal fatigue and candida simultaneously, since yeast infections are extremely opportunistic and thrive when immunity is low, even if an antifungal regiment is undertaken. Stress, anxiety, worries
are also factors in both candida and adrenal fatigue.
Your low cortisol, does not allow you to deal effectively with the emotional and biological  stress, only adding to your issues.
You should also get the highest quality pre and probiotics, money can buy!
As a reference only, you can look into Progressive Nutritionals. They sell
a very high quality symbiotic pre and probiotic kit, that I have recommended to many and used it myself.

You should do the Adrenal assessment and should this indicate strongly
AF (which to my opinion is very likely), then you should consider to look into an Adrenal stress profile  by Biohealth Labs.

I would also recommend you look into the "GI Pathogen Screen",  especially if your cortisol levels still come back low.
Cortisol regulates the immune cells in our gut so when cortisol is depleted those cells become dysregulated, making us more susceptible to pathogens like bacteria, yeast, and parasites.

Please don't get caught in the conventional medicine "merry-go-round"!!!
You are a beautiful  and bright young lady with the potential to have a healthy and good life.
If you have the financial means to pursue what I recommend , please do not hesitate to do it asap, as time is of essence.

But first do the questionnaire/assessment and you can also do the candida spit test (again?)

Let me know what you think-there is an online questionnaire  or I can send you the one I use which is simple and straight forward (not a diagnostic test, but fairly indicative, before you decide to follow up with the other
aforementioned professional tests (these can be ordered only by NDs
and other Holistic practitioners).


PS. You should also look into your total cholesterol levels.
If they are below 160, you may have difficulty synthesizing hormones
and you may be also low in vitamin D. Low cholesterol is one of the causes of low vitamin D and so is low cortisol.
I'm simplifying the explanation-as this is not meant to be a technical paper,

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threelac is only probiotic that helped me with candida, wish you all the best.
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