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Twitching/buzzing and other symptoms

My concern is that I may be suffering from an undiagnosed autoimmune disease that is attacking my nervous system and my vascular system.
I am a 27 year old male, generally in very good physical shape.  3 months ago I fell ill with flu-like symptoms including fever, fatigue, sore throat, sensitive skin.  Three or four days later the fever cleared up, but a multitude of other symptoms began.  A buzzing feeling throughout my entire body, severe insomnia (I'd wake up 10 minutes after falling asleep and I'd been vibrating and sweating profusely).  Fatigue continued for four weeks. Loud ringing in my ears began.  I became very sensitive to bright lights and loud noises to the point that they would induce anxiety attacks.  I also experienced lower abdominal discomfort and right flank pains that felt like kidney spasms over my right kidney. When I would go on long walks my the area around my lymphnodes on either side of my throat would become sore.
After the fatigue seemed to break I began exercising again, but I immediately became aware that something was wrong with my heart.  Several times, my heart rate monitor recorded my heart rate at 250 bpm upon minimal exertion, and my heart rate has remained unusually high during mild exercising (185-200 bpm while jogging or cycling).  I have also noted bouts of arrhythmia involving double beats upon manually taking my pulse.
Three months later, I am still experiencing insomnia which I treat with benadryl, night sweats, vibrating feelings, chest pains like I've been punched in the sternum, all of my major muscle groups fasciculate (twitch) when I am relaxed including my eyelids and occasionally my tongue, my vision seems dimmer, my brain is foggy and I am much more prone to anxiety and less tolerant of exercise. At night I experience numbness in my hands and feet and extreme tightness in my calves. I still have soreness around my lymphnodes in my neck when mildly exercising and I have had a hard, immovable lymphnode in my jaw for at least 3 months.
My poop has also come out as hard marbles for 3 months regardless of diet.  For a long while it was green, however normal reddish brown color has returned but with white flecks.
4 weeks ago my nose began bleeding and upon inspecting my nose I noticed large, red, venous swellings in each nostril - on the septum in one nostril and the around the middle turbinate in the other nostril - they have shown no signs of improvement.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have reynaud's syndrome.  My uncle, who also has reynaud's, has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.
A CT-scan taken upon visiting the ER during the height of my symptoms 3 months ago revealed a mass on my left kidney which was removed via open surgery 2 weeks ago (still waiting on biopsy results).
I have an unusually low resting heart rate exacerbated by frequent exercise (frequently in the low 40's). During surgery it dropped into the mid 20's and exhibited double-beat arrhythmia.
All blood tests taken and urinalysis have shown normal kidney function, thyroid function and generally normal results, with the exception of a slightly high platelet count.
Chest X-rays are normal, echocardiogram normal, EKG's have shown changes and abnormalities but all doctors who have seen them have written them off.
I have not had nerve conduction tests or tests for autoimmune disorders.  I am low-income and as such must get a referral for all specialists, and my primary care nurse practitioner is an idiot.
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