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unknown disorder possibly autoimmune

Hi I have already been diagnosed with RSD a rare neurological disorder in which my leg feels like it is constantly on fire accompanied by swelling color and temperature changes. Recently I did an awake ketamine infusion for 4 hours for 4 days in which I was confined to a stretcher. During the treatment however I was becoming tachycardic. (becoming a little tachycardic is normal on ketamine, but I continued to become increasingly tachycardic) My doctor could not get me to the highest dose of ketamine just for that reason. My doctor pulled my mom to the side and accused us of not telling him I heart a heart condition (which I have never had symptoms or any reason to question). After the infusion I started having more episodes of sinus tachycardia that got as high as 180 at one point and goes down when I lay down and higher when I stand. With these episodes I have shortness of breath and dizziness. One day I noticed my shortness of breath did not go away after my pulse went down as it normally did. I went to the ER where they did several tests including blood tests that ruled out a pulmonary embolism. My whole bloodwork was clear for autoimmune disorders, but still I am having episodes of tachycardia and symptoms that mimic dysautonomia. I have had an echo which showed I had no structural abnormalities and am currently on a halter monitor and a high fluid high sodium diet. Could there be an underlying autoimmune disorder that doesn't show on my bloodwork but attacks my nervous system causing the dysautonomia and the extreme burning pain in my leg? If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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