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Do Sjogrens blood tests change each year?

Does anyone know how the blood tests for Sjogrens are evaluated?  I have autoantibodies that keep changing each year and they are low positive.  

In  2009 my SSB was 1.4  and my SSA was negative.  My RF was negative, also.
In 2011 my SSA was 136 and my SSB was negative.  My RF was positive at 24.9
I had circulating immune complexes in 2009, and a low positive ANA at 1:40, but the doctor never retested me.

Th doctor said I have sjogrens, but this does not explain my muscle pain that gets worse with exertion, (my muscles burn and get heavy like cement and hard to move).  I also have muscle stiffness (especialy in the mornings) and severe fatigue.  Last month my nailfolds (skin by my cuticles) turned red, and the soles of my feet and palms get red when I walk.  Sometimes I get heaviness in my chest.  Is this a symptom of sjogrens?  I feel very sick and ill also.  

A few years ago, a rheumatologist said I could have more than one kind of arthritis, but he never told me what kind.  I also have diffuse osteoarthritis in all joints and spine.  Is this typical with Sjogrens?

Do SSB and SSA autoantibodies change from year to year with sjogrens?  Could something else be causing my symptoms?  My eyes are a little dry (scratchy), but is is not as bad as my other symptoms.  
Each rheumatologoist I saw said somethiong different.  (One said Osteoarthritis, another said sjogrens, and the third (who just gave me a consultation) said possible connective tissue disease.  How can rheumatologists disagree with each other, and how can I know who is  correct?  I have been feeling much more sick, after they gave me a
T-DAP vacinne in 2009.

Does anyone have any ideas what is wrong?  Does anyone else have similar symptoms, or trouble getting a clear diagnosis?  We could help each other
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There are controversial studies showing potential connections between vaccinations and onset or worsening of autoimmune diseases.  It's not uncommon to see fluctuations of lab results including ANA titers, patterns etc.

Summary of Sjogren's Syndrome Classification Criteria:

1. Ocular symptoms (any 1 of 3)
    Dry eyes > 3 months
    Tear use > 3x/day
    Foreign body sensation in eyes

2. Oral symptoms (1 of 3)
    Dry mouth > 3 months
    Swollen salivary glands
    Need liquids to swallow

3. Ocular signs (1 of 2)
    Unanesthetized Schirmer's < 5mm/5 min (both eyes)
    Positive vital dye staining (rose bengal fluorescein, lissamine green)

4. Oral signs (1 of 3)
    Abnormal salivary gland scan
    Abnormal parotid sialograpy
    Abnormal unstimulated salivary flow ( 1/4mm)

6. Positive Anti-SSA and / or SSB antibodies
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Forgot number 5 lol.

5. Positive lip biopsy
    Focal lymphatic sialadenitis (focus score > 1/4mm)
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You really helped me learn a lot about the symptoms and diagnostic tests for sjogrens, and it is amazing that my doctor did not do any of these tests, except for the SSA and SSB tests, which were low positive.  And my doctor  did not even give me any eye drops.  Does anyone know what I can use for dry eyes that is SAFE and does not have preservatives?
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