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Muscle shaking, positive ANA

About a year and a half ago I started experiencing issues with my muscles shaking upon moving them. For instance, when walking down stairs slowly I could feel my legs shaking or when moving my arms up and down. The shaking was not present when holding a position, only when in the process of moving to a different position. I also experienced small muscle spasms randomly throughout my body. I saw multiple doctors, and blood tests were performed. The results were that I had slightly low B12 and iron. I also had a positive ANA at 1:40 titres. I was tested for lupus, thyroid disorders and RA afterwards and all were negative so I was told by my doctor to forget the positive ANA as my titres were low.
Now, a year and a half later I am experiencing these symptoms again, out of the blue.
I have pretty bad anxiety, so I thought the first time I was imagining these symptoms but they have returned. I'm worried I have something like MS, and that the positive ANA could be an indication of that? Any thoughts?
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I'm glad that you will do  Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test.
(there are several online versions now)

I have devoted countless of hours, scanning through the studies and groundbreaking work of Dr. Barnes, The Father of Hypothyroidism, lol!
  Simply brilliant and way ahead of his time!

Instructions For Taking Basal Body Temperature (my preferred one) :
Use an ordinary oral or rectal glass (not digital) thermometer.
Shake down the thermometer the night before, and place it on your nightstand.
The first thing in the morning BEFORE you get out of bed, place the thermometer under your arm for ten(10) minutes.
Avoid heavy covers or being too close to your partner/pet, as these  increase temperature.
Record the temperature reading and date right away!
Repeat for 10 days.
Normal Range: 97.6 to 98.2 F  or 36.5 to 36.80 C
Averages below this  indicate hypothyroidism.

For D3, I find the best type is sublingual emulsified drops.
I buy mine from Essence of Life, in Kensington Market-they also have an online store.

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Thank you for your reply! Yes, the thyroid test was T3, T4 and TSH. After my "positive" (thanks for the clarification) ANA test, I was also tested for something thyroid related but I can't recall what. I remember one of the three was Anti-dsDNA but I think that was the lupus one. I will do the temperature test, and try taking the supplement that you suggested (as well as a Vitamin D).
Thanks again!
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Hi kat112.

The ANA titre at 1:40 is actually considered negative. It is of no diagnostic value.
Your low B12 is indicating a deficiency, considering the fact that N. American normal ref. values are way lower than Europe's and Japan's.
My suggestion, do a supplementation trial with sublingual Methylocobalamin drops. Methylocobalamin is the neurological form of B12.

If you're not a vegetarian, consider adding more red meat and perhaps organ meats in your diet plans.
Iron supplements are notoriously intolerable by most.

It's likely your stress and anxiety responsible for your unjustified negative thoughts and unwarranted concerns for MS at this point and definitely your ANA titre is NOT an indicator of anything.
Rheumatologists will not consider an ANA titre positive until at least 1:160.

I'd say correct your deficiencies first and see what happens.
Also check your Vitamin D3 levels.
What tests did you have for thyroid?  Standard tests will miss thyroid resistance and Type 2 hypothyroidism each & every time!
The tests to be 100% certain are Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3.
All 3 are needed and I don't think OHIP covers Reverse T3.
Your low iron status and low B12, could be factors in low thyroid function, even if your serum thyroid hormones show normal levels.
I ALWAYS recommend checking function vs just serum levels!

You can always do your own Dr. Barnes Temperature Test, the golden rule of the past to diagnose and regulate hypothyroidism until the testing shifted to labs.
Just do a search and fllow the simple online instructions to the "T"!

  I honestly believe there are far more hypothyroid sufferers nowadays, who are undiagnosed, under-diagnosed or worse mis-diagnosed, than ever.

Your anxiety could be due to any aforementioned underlying deficiency-at least partly- so please consider taking the proper measures to address them.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes.

You have also posted at the Undiagnosed Symptoms Community,
so I'll copy and paste my reply there.

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