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Condom breaking / haven't ejaculated . 48 hours have passed, unwanted pregnancy?

Hello! I'd like to ask the more educated people on this topic for an advice because my girlfriend and I had protected sex 48 hours ago from the time im typing this, but unfortunatelly the condom broke 5 minutes after I had started the act! I wasn't close to cumming and I pulled out immediately, carefully and put on another condom. My girlfriend's period finished 4 days ago just fyi, we have another 24 hours to take Plan B, but would it be neccesary, what would you say? We are really worried, thanks for anyone willing to help! :)
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Hello.  So, I'd say timing was actually getting close to when she was entering the more fertile time.  This is how it works . . . day one of her period is cycle day one.  You count from there and around day 9 it starts the fertile period.  This goes for most women until the 14th or 15th day of the cycle when ovulation occurs.  Sperm can live for a week inside the vagina.  The penis emits small amounts of sperm before ejaculation.  This happens when the penis is inside the vagina and can be enough to get a girl pregnant. Do I think it happened in this case?  No.  I don't think the pre *** that was emitted inside the condom would then be enough left inside the vagina for pregnancy.  But she won't know for sure until her next period.  Glad you are using condoms though and caught the broken condom before ejaculation.  
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From experience please don't rely on plan B I didnt know taking it after ovulating means that the pill doesnt work and now I have a 7 month old not a go from of protection at all
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I ment not a great form of protection
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