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Why have I started having constant spotting with the Mirena after a year?

I had the Mirena placed at my 6-week post partum checkup in July of 2017.. the day I had it placed my period started and was extremely heavy.. after that first month my period was very light but regular, coming every 28 days and lasting 3-4 days, light enough to just use a panty-liner.. I had my Annual exam in July of 2018 and about a week later I started spotting heavier and having some clots and it’s lasted ever since without a break(currently going on about 2 months)... I haven’t really had any other abnormal symptoms... I’m having trouble getting into my OB because of my insurance but I have an appointment with my primary dr next week, hopefully they’ll be able to refer my to my OB.
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Oh ya, that's not good.  It's never healthy to have that kind of bleeding for that long.  It's been a week now, did you make it into your primary yet?  What did they say?
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