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Yaz and pregnancy prevention?

I have been on Yaz for almost two months now. I haven't missed any pills but I did have stomach flu within the first three days of starting my first pack. I didn't see the pill in my vomit and continued to take them in the mornings like I usually do. The time I take my pill is within fifteen minutes on weekdays and about 2-3 hours later on weekends. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex 4 times about halfway through my 2nd pack of Yaz. He did not finish inside of me. It's 5 days before my expected period (5 hormonal pills left) and I am seeing light brown mixed in with my discharge as of yesterday. I also saw a very minimal amount of bright red in my discharge today. Could this be implantation or regular spotting while on Yaz? I have also been having diarrhea since the day before i had brown discharge. Could this be the cause of the spotting? (If it's spotting)
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if you vomited any less than 2 hours after taking your pill, then it didn't have the time to absorb into your body and that means you weren't protected and should have used an emergency contraception. It's possible you could be pregnant, but the brown discharge sounds like old blood that didn't make its way out last period. Wait for a missed period and then take a pregnancy test!!
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Since I had been taking the Yaz for almost two months straight (I skipped my period by not taking the placebo pills) do you think this changes the possibility of me being unprotected?
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