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Car Accident Bad Brain Traum

Well I was in a accident about a month ago where I flipped my truck going quite fast and I was in a coma for a few days and was in the hospital for 2 weeks and don't even remember being there. My question is I have bad mood swings and always feel depressed now and like its as if they put someone elses brain in my head and everything seems different to me now as if im seeing it through someone elses eyes. I can't take this anymore should I go and tell the doctors I go see now this. It makes me feel like im going crazy and I can't stand it and feel so sad.
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Car Accident and Bad Brain Trauma

Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question. First I am really sorry to hear this incident. According to your report it really looks you were lucky and did not have any more serious and life threatening consequence.

Closed brain injury from car accident incidents results in damage to the head, skull, brain, or scalp, but normally does not penetrate the skull. These incidents may be difficult to diagnose because there might not be any visible external injury that indicates head trauma.

Normally this condition is referred as a concussion. A concussion can range from mild to critical in terms of severity. Concussion  can result in a temporary loss of consciousness or coma, loss of memory, or symptoms may not appear for some time after the initial trauma. Even a mild concussion can result in subtle brain damage.

I am sure that your doctor has made exhaustive analysis to diagnose the impact and your current situation. In other terms I would suggest that maybe  your brain went to a really common process called "Brain Shock" where several chemicals of the brain suffer a tremendous impact that is why the most important effect you had was emotional ups and downs. The same way when someone suffers a brain stroke and progressively they recover most of the functions I suggest that you take it step at a time and don't feel frustrated triggering anxiety and stress.

Exercise, do cardiovascular activity, perform balance and coordination exercises to improve functioning from different parts of the brain, do sensory exercises like closing your eyes and try walking and practice daily meditation.

I could guarantee that you will experience how everything gets reconnected and thanks to the plasticity of the brain you will start feeling like you say seeing with your own eyes and not someone else's.

I really hope this was helpful and please keep me updated would love to hear from your progression.

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As a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, I can say I went through similar things.  Any head injury can cause this.  I had RAGES and still suffer recurring depression.  Best advice I can give you is to tell your Dr.,and  seek a support system either online or in your community.  There are many people who have suffered head trauma, that maybe talking to them can help you.  I wish you the best.  
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