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Coffee not working normally?

I tried a new coffee brand and seemed to get some good boast. But the next day I had some fried chicken ,then had the same coffee brand and wasn’t feeling any boast for the day.  In fact, I wasn’t feeling all that great but not too terrible I guess.  Could this be due to the fatty food raising blood sugar level and interfering with coffee effect?  And I’m not diabetic.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question
Caffeine and Fried foods?
As you are describing it makes sense to me that when you combine caffeine, a stimulant with saturated fats the consequence is that friend foods take more blood sugars to metabolize than caffeine. I sometimes eat coffee with some fried foods and it is true that you don't feel the boast as when I take coffee with cereal.
According to a study from the University of Guelph, drinking coffee after eating greasy foods can cause blood sugar spikes. This effect applies even for healthy people who are not at risk for diabetes.

In general terms As you well know, eating greasy foods is associated with a spike in blood sugar. Now, by combining it with a cup of coffee can double the impact.
Researchers claim that fried foods contain saturated fats that make the body difficult to clean the sugar from the blood. Although it has been over a few hours after eating fried foods, drinking coffee can increase the level of difficulty of cleaning sugar.

As you can see the combination of this too can have the double effect but if you are looking for the immediate physiological response try to not mix those two together.

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Hi. Thanks for the response.  I’m cutting out vitamin pills too , I thought to give it a try but they seemed to  disrupt coffee improvement and put me off for the day and upset my gut with gurgling sound.  I heard about allergic substances in vitamin pills.

Do you have any recommendation for coffee brands?  I used to be with Folgers instant and that was strong improvement.  But then the coffee went bad with chemical taste and I was forced to switch.  And that when I realized there were so many other bad instants at that point.  Some brews were better than others ranging from small boast to blandness with the worser ones making me felt light confusion.  

I settled on Melitta so far as it seemed to give like 80% of what Folgers instant had but I do have to drank least 8 tsp to reach that point with 12 tsp for slight more boast.  They claimed “2% top beans and high-attitude grown.”

But I do wonder why Folgers instant was the only coffee I had that I could crashed.  I guess as far as ineffective coffees are concerned, just a matter of coarser and finer beans eh?

Even with Melitta, doesn’t seem to crush me though even on 12tsp but in contrast, like 4 tsp took me just under crash threshold, haven’t really found another instant like Folgers  after them going tainted.

Care to offer your insight on this?
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