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headache when doing more than a walk

I am suppose to be a college athlete but first day of "practice" we were squatting and I was doing lighter weight then I normally use but higher reps... doing 10 sets of 10... I get to about the 5th set a headache starts and not to look like I was just trying to wuss out I went two more sets and got to the point where I couldn't even stand or lay down without something cold on my eyes took ibeprofin and the next morning it was gone next day I got the headache doing a crossfit thing but wasn't as bad so I finished.  The next day I was running late to practice so I ran to practice got there and bam the headache is back as bad as the first day so I sit out two days and on the 2nd day go to the chiropractor he said xrays show my neck isn't curved like normal it is straight and I have a bunch of things wrong with allignment in my neck like a 3º tilt towars my right side he has made two adjustments the both times I've been in and said I will have to go in for almost 5 months spend the weekend headache free and monday come back and do a warm up (nothing to hard just like lunges karaoke) and the headache is back as bad as day 1 and 3 I'm getting frustrated I feel like I never will be back... the headache starts from the back of my head and feels like it goes straight over my head to my forehead and takes almost 4 hours to make my headaches bearable to do anything the squat was really the first time not ever using a pad but was over half my squat max... I've never had a concussion no neck or brain trauma I played football in high school but didn't play much was too small.  I am a thrower and I love to lift so you can see why I am mad not just because I can't do my homework almost the rest of the night what should I do?
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I take protein and carbohydrates and I just started that day on taking vitamins I have been two days without headache but also have not done anything because I am being held out by doctors orders till the 19th I don't believe it is any cyst because I had squatted two days before with much higher weight when they did the xray nothing alarming popped out except the straight neck and pinched nerves (like 2 in my neck and one in my lower back and one in the middle)
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question.

As an ex athlete I can relate to your frustration. First feel free to post in the neurology forum as well. My suggestion is that you go to a neurologist and check that you have no abnormalities or "brain cysts or similar". Sometimes we have brain cysts that we are unaware of and increased heart rate can cause strong migraines, that is why you should not check with a chiropractor that is great as well but with a neurologist that is the expert on the neurology of the brain and if you are experiencing headaches or migraines you need to rule out something more serious.

Look, sometimes as athletes we tend to train really anaerobically forcing our bodies to be exercising without oxygen and not sure in what stage of the season you are in but it is important than in preseason you do conditioning and training in presence of oxygen then gradually moving to more intense forms of exercise. The same applies to training your muscles in a proper manner.
Check for right levels of water, sleep and meditation. Those three components are really important when comes to stress management. As for the information you have given me it looks like number one check with the neurologist and make sure nothing is wrong (that I am sure he will) and then readjust training with your coaches and maybe increase training time on your own working on conditioning, aerobic training and then gradually moving to your regular training.
Finally make sure your diet is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. You need to have plenty of carbs and fluids prior to high intensity exercise otherwise your brain will require the energy from the muscle storages causing a depletion of glycogen so extremely important for exercise.
As a side note I have a lot of porgrams just google my name.
Please let me know how it goes and I am sure it will be nothing. Keep up the good work!
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