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"Jolt" pains in head and sensitive head. Please help.

Hello, I am 26 years old and for the past year I have been dealing with horrible "jolt" or "shock" like pains coming from inside my head. The pains happen all day and no more than ten m minutes goes by without me feeling one of these "jolts'. The jolts last just a split second and then it's gone but it is so painful that sometimes I want to drop to my knees. I can not pin point exactly where they are coming from because as soon as it happens it is gone so it makes it very hard to tell. But it feels sometimes like the back of my head then the sides of my head and sometimes near my temples, so basically these :jolt" pains happen all around my head. I also have another major symptom which is the fact that my brain feels EXTREMELY sensitive. What I mean by that is if I merely tap my head or jaw I get a terrible pain from inside my skull. It feels like my entire brain is rattled even if I just lightly tap on my head. It feels as if my brain is bruise, that's the best way to describe it. Even if I am driving in the car and I hit a bump in the road I get that same horrible pain in my head. Between the random jolts and the inside of my head being extremely sensitive I know they must be related and merely tapping your head and feeling pain is obviously not normal. I had MRI of cervical spine which showed a herniated disk which was fused and taken care of but did not do anything to relieve my head pain. My brain MRI only showed a cisterna magna in the back of my head which the Neurologist says I was born with and it is not the cause of all my pain. I have tried about four different meds to try and calm my nerves down but it has not worked.(Gabbapentin,Topomax,Indomethosine,Nortriptolene)....The next step according to my neurologist is to now have a spinal tap to see if something shows up in the spinal fluid that won't show in the tones of blood work I have had done which all comes back normal. I have been testes for Lymes disease and a bunch of other stuff blood but everything comes back negative..I have also had occipital nerve blocks which did nothing to help. ....If anyone has any idea at all as to what may be causing these horrible jolt pains and what would make my brain extremely sensitive like this please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read.
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