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breast cancer said ILC invasive locular cancer after excision biopsy

I need help with my decision above about invasion lobular breast cancer and my lymph nodes where to do mastectomy when they haven't told me my stage # or if spread to lymph nodes. They said to figure out treatment plan and lymph nodes will be tested then at surgery I'm confused is this normal. I think my tx plan would be changed it spread. Freaking out.
had mamo and ultrasound and core needle biopsy and didn't show maligancy only LCIS and TLH. Then MRI showed suspension of right breast again. Then excisional biopsy. said invasion lobular carcinoma. Went to talk with Dr.'s - gave tx plans. bigger lumpectomy, some lymph nodes removed to see if spread, radiation, pills for 10 yrs or mastectomy, lymph nodes tested to see if spread and no radiation and pills . Shouldn't they go in and check my lymph nodes first before I decide my tx plan. They haven't done the ocno dx test yet to even stage it yet till lymph nodes tested to see where or if spread. Is that normal procedures? I think my tx plan would change if spread. I;m so confused I need help and an advocate. I'm scheuled for surgery mastecomy dec 6 th and not sure if I made right decision. Everything they change their minds on me and say something different.
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