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I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor.  I had latisimus dorsi flap reconstruction with silicone implants. Should I notice any limitations while exercising due to the re-arrangement of these muscles?
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There is another thread like this one that's very recent.

That muscle is not a major muscle unless you are on a rowing team. I know several women who have had some issue swimming. Arms straight out from your sides rotating in circles is the muscle was used.

From a trusted reconstruction site, women interested in extreme competitive sports such as mountain climbing, skiing, and swimming would not be good candidates for this surgery.

I would say if you haven't noticed much limitation in the last 4 years there probably won't be much now.
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Thanks for you input.  I haven't done much exercising in the 4 years since my surgery (lazy).  In the last 2 months I have joined a gym and started doing pilates as well as other exercises.  Some of the positions that are used in pilates I can't do.  I didn't know it it was because I was out of shape or residual effects from the displacement of my muscles.  The exercises I have problems with are upper body, especially when my arms are involved.  
I guess it could be when I get in better shape maybe I will see a difference.  Oh, and I am not overweight (just out of shape) so that is not the problem.
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