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I have white clear yellow discharge from my left nipple

I am very worried, I have been having milk like discharge from both breast since I had my daughter five years ago, I got my nipple pierced last year around January and I noticed my right nipple just suddenly stopped discharging milk like discharge. The left one hasn't stopped. Well my nipple piercings never healed, so I just took the right one out first since it look infected and the holes closed up and no discharge, and I recently took the left piercing out and when I did a good amouth of clear yellowish discharge came out of my piercing hole and a little bit on my nipple and after that I have only been having clear white discharge only when I squeeze. I don't know if it's because of my piercing that I had or something more serious. Really need advice! Thanks in advance!
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A nipple discharge is significant and needs to be investigated further if it is persistent, comes out without squeezing the breasts, is bloody or foul smelling and is associated with a lump, nipple or skin changes etc. If the discharge happens only when you squeeze your nipples, all you have to do is to stop doing that, so the discharge will also stop. If things don’t improve, it would be best to consult your doctor in case you have an infection in your left nipple that should be treated with Antibiotics.
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