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Routine screening

I just had my routine mammogram, I am 55 with a family history of breast cancer. My mother died of breast cancer at 48. My result came back right breast scattered areas of of fibroglalandullar density increasing conspicuity of partially obscured 8mm deep central isodense rounded focal asymmetry. Possible cyst.   Repeat mammogram
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Your screening mammogram shows what appears to be a cyst and your Radiologist has recommended a spot compression Mammogram to further define the area of concern. Sometimes the tissue can fold over on itself causing a "density" to appear. If that’s the case, a spot compression will smooth out the tissue and the "density" will disappear. Often a second mammogram will confirm that all is okay and your Radiologist will let you know when a follow-up is required to make sure that no changes have occurred.
However, if your upcoming Mammogram does not produce clear results, your Radiologist might recommend an Ultrasound and “if needed” a biopsy to further evaluate the density.
Having a family history of BC slightly increases your risk, but the majority of women who develop this disease have no known risk factors at all.So try not to jump to any conclusion and hopefully there won’t be anything serious to worry about…
Best wishes.  
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Thank you
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