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mets to lungs?

TNBC survivor, finished treatment 3 years ago. Previous x-ray in July 2013 was clear. Last month during a pre-op x-ray it came back with ill-defined sclerosis on ribs 4-9 and atelectasis in lung bases.  A CT and bone scan were ordered.  Ribs are thought to be from previous radiation. But the CT results came up with a subpleural 4mm noncalcified lung nodule within the left lower lobe superior and patch atelectasis at both lung bases, may represent air-fluid developing infiltrate.  Am I scared over nothing?  Dr has ordered a CT without contrast in April.  The wait is getting to me.
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This Forum, deals only with breast cancer issues and I am really sorry if I cannot be of any help regarding your CT scan results.
You should discuss all of this with a lung Specialist and/or your primary care doctor and ask them the same questions you have asked here.
Wishing you all the best...
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My worry is that it is breast cancer mets to my lungs.  I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer 3 years ago and now worried about recurrence.
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I can certainly understand you worrying about recurrence...but for now, I don't think that you should be overly concerned,since the Doctor recommended a 3 months follow-up to check if there are any changes.
Hoping you won't have to worry about anything also on your next CT scan.
Sending prayers and good wishes your way...
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