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Corona change my body

I suffer from corona 6 months back after that my body change fully. Like not like before. Some time breathing problems not much stamina like before. It can be heal like before ?
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I also suggest strongly that you talk to your doctor.
I had Covid back in March of 2020. Now I still get suddenly very fatigued if I over do things. I got my sense of taste back fully about 3 months ago. My lungs cleared up after 5 months. My husband and I caught it when he was teaching class for some students from a foreign country. They all became ill too.
See your doctor. See if he recommends taking supplements.
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There is something that is called a covid long hauler, which means that even after you have "recovered" from the virus, you still have lingering effects from it. These symptoms seem to vary from person to person, but definitely include problems breathing and fatigue.

No one knows yet how long they'll last, or if it's permanent. Have you seen your doctor? You might have some lung damage.



I'd see your doctor and ask to be referred to a specialist. Good luck!
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And have some digestive problems
I'm curious -- you know you had covid, so I'm guessing you were in contact with a physician at some point.  Am I wrong about this?  You should be talking to that doc about this.  It is a common problem with covid, its effects can last a long time.  Because it's new to humans docs don't know a lot about it but as time goes by they learn.  Talk to your doc.
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