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tx of carcinoma of no known origin

i have been diagnosed with a carcinoma with no primary origin and am facing tx for said dx.

i do know that i have four liasons on the liver one measuring 4.2cm the others are less than 1.0cm.
i go to veterans hospital in kansas city missouri and the oncology dept has run several test to locate the primary source of the cancer without any luck.  ive had a petscan an upper and lower g.i. am m.r.i. with a liver biopsy that a pathologist ran at least 25 stains without finding or locating the carcinomas primary source.  i do not hav hcc of the liver.  i will go to va friday 3-25.2011 for a consult to give tx options without knowing were the primary carcinoma is at.  is it sop to tx a carcinoma before knowing were it comes from are there any other test that could possibly help the onclogist find the primary souce.

i am nervous about proceeding without trying to get as much knowledge as possible  if anyone can help i would truelly appreciate it.  if you look real close you will see my ears at attention and anxiously awaitng any help or advice.

i am 54 years old and if there is questions you have for i will try to answer them asap.

thx everyone for your future support
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264233 tn?1216342315
i tried your link and there is no way to ask a question there thx anyway i guess i just do not rate
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Hi adya and kcrandy, you are currently posting in the Patient2Patient forum for Cancer.  If you want to post your question to the Expert forum for Cancer you can post it here:


Our Patient2Patient forums are intended for other patients to share their experiences with similar issues/treatments.  I hope this helps :)
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