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What could cause large amounts of Patechiae/Purpura?

This morning i noticed large patches of Patechiae/Purpura on various parts of my body and i am wondering what could have caused it, i have patches on my upper right arm, my right forearm, my left hip, various places on my back and many less noticable smaller patches in various other places on my body (None on my legs)
It is not caused through bruising or anything of that nature, there is no tenderness, soreness, swelling or bruising in any of the areas and i have done no activity that could have caused it. (They appeared while i was sleeping)

I have already been to the hospital and had all my blood work done, all of which came back normal including my platelet count so they advised me to take pictures and show them to my Hematologist on my next visit with her. (I will mention that my last 13 blood tests came back normal, no STD's, no thyroid problem, platelet count was normal.)  

I am scheduled to receive a PET scan to try diagnose my Lymphadenopathy which is being very hard to diagnose, no blood tests/CT scans or even cutting a lymph node out and dissecting it have been able to reveal any answers, is it possible this sudden appearance of Patechiae on my skin is related to my Lymphadenopathy and could this be a clue toward a diagnosis?

the only pictures of Patechiae that looks like this i have been able to find came with this caption "A 49-year-old man with leukemia developed these skin lesions after his diagnosis. These purpuric lesions with petechiae are secondary to thrombocytopenia and can be caused by the disease or chemotherapy. In this patient, the lesions were secondary to chemotherapy for leukemia."
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