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5 mo old kitten vomiting 5 days after neuter

Good evening! My 5 month old kitten got neutered on Weds 2/26/20 & I had to go back Friday 2/28 because the tattoo site was gashed open, not just scraped.  I took him back in, they cleaned the area & put in a staple & gave him a shot of antibiotics.  He also was diagnosed with mild conjunctivitis and was given Erithromycin ointment to put in his eyes 2 times a day. He seems fine, playing, running around & eating. Yesterday 3/1 I noticed he had thrown up. Today 3/2 we have cleaned up little piles of vomit 4 times. What could be wrong with him?
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If the cat seems active and is behaving normally, sometimes vomiting is just a hairball. But since you had the cat at the vet's so recently, I would call the vet about this. It could be a reaction to the antibiotic shot, but if so it is a rather mild one if the cat is behaving normally in all other ways.
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Update today no throw up was found.  I will keep things updated
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